Mother's Day Schmuther's Day.

Don't bother reading this one, really - just scroll right past it. oh and Guy, it's cool (just venting - look I gave you your own label).


Facebook Ad: "Stay Close to Mom"

Number of Facebook status updates about Mother's Day in the last 15 hours: 15, including one honoring MILFs

Top two trends on Twitter: "Happy Mothers Day" & "Mother's Day" (#MothersDay is listed sixth)

Percentage of MLB players wearing pink arm sweatbands honoring Mother's Day: most.

Number of Tuff Shed commercials proclaiming you should buy your mom a SHED for Mother's Day that came on while I was writing this: one

Amount I am feeling sorry for myself today: a lot.

If YOU are a mother, I am sure you are great, if you have a mother, I am sure she is great. But not every mother deserves a day. Just sayin. Oh and if you think you "deserve" Mother's Day or "deserve" something on Mother's Day, well, you probably don't. Accepting things graciously and being humble are very sexy traits, Mother or not, btw.


Dear Diary:
Today I made a really pathetic blog post. I shouldn't put those words into the universe, they are better kept in the pit of my stomach eating away at my undiagnosed ulcer.


Liz said...

Hey! Lookit! I can post a comment. I know it's no consolation, but when I called my mom to invite her to brunch she just said "no" and hung up. She's mad at me because when she was babysitting Dash she put him to bed with gum in his mouth (he's three. why? why would you give gum to a three-year-old?) and somehow that's my fault. Anyway, I know it's not a bad as what you're enduring. But just know that you're not alone in how you're feeling today.

me said...

Awwww, thanks Liz, appreciate your comment. Hope YOU had a nice day! love you... Happy MoDay.

awildermode said...

the milf one was me, huh?

me said...

YES!!! and it was my favorite!