Yeh, it's almost December - what of it?!

We're finally putting away the Halloween decorations. We like them. I
would leave them up year round if they didn't require dusting.


That is what I want to SCREAM at this fucking (and no iPhone I don't mean ducking) woman who is screaming at her mother in a restaurant who is sitting no more than 8 inches from her. She's like 10 feet from me and you know how I know it's her mother- BECAUSE SHE'S SCREAMING AT HER. And not like yelling she's just a loud talker. A really fucking loud talker. I can tell you all about how she hates the way her mom changes her baby's diapers and how she hates the way she doesn't make her son wash his hands and how she doesn't have Sarah's address to invite her to a party and how her baby has diarrhea. Fuck, yeh I know there's a virus going around, but if I didn't I sure would have now. Fuck. She just said it's a pain in the ass, literally. Cackle cackle cackle.

My dinner partner isn't here yet so I have a long night ahead of me listening to her say "KAY SUH DE YUH"


Fuck me. Another margarita please NOW.

Quote of the year

"we have a smart and moderate president elect who's african-american and has a beautiful family and who hung out with punk rockers when he was in college? it's like waking up and finding out that every crappy top-40 station in america is now playing tv on the radio and the bad brains"

from moby's 11/14 facebook blog

Yay for cookies

3 lbs of chocolate chunk "gourmet" cookie dough sitting on my desk
taunting me. I wonder if Guy will make this for dinner?

Mmm curry

What is wrong with this picture?

5 pieces of celery
Zero cashew butter
Must. Improve. Portion. Distribution. Hmmph.

Writing Class, Fail.

So, yeh. I'm not feeling the writing class. It's all done online, which obviously I love, but the feedback was all so, ummm, positive. It was way too sugary. AND - I'm not going there to find friends. People were sending me comments about how they are also lazy so maybe we could help each other out and keep each other motivated. No. Sorry. If I wanted some new best friends I would start a reality show looking for some thankyouverymuch. I went there hoping to get motivated, but I just got annoyed. And believe me it is WAY easier to annoy me than it is to motivate me and I run across those situations daily so I don't need to add another.

I do need to find some motivation though. It's hard - I've been busy. Busy sitting on the couch watching the election results. Busy syncing my Zune. Busy hosting Halloween game nights. Busy dealing with majorfuckingdrama at work. Busy thinking about what other classes I can sign up and not finish (sewing I believe could be next on that list, possibly followed by photography at Samys, and then maybe knitting just to really waste a good hundred bucks.) Maybe if you are reading this you can volunteer to send me writing challenges. That would be fun. For you.

ok, gotta go get busy on my laundry. Fold fold fold.