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I'm holding this stick. It's a very important job.

3 day week?

Looking for shoes* online I came across this on zappos: "The Daily Shoe Digest is an e-mail discussion list, sent three times per week"

hmmmm. curious. I read the FAQs and "why we think the week is only 3 days long" isn't listed...

This was though: "If your post doesn't appear after 5 days, please re-submit it" --- yeh, I dunno. I think that's funny.

*Via Spiga Lion, black, size 10 in case you see it online - thx

All I need is 20 ounces of burnt coffee and I'll be fine

Listening to these two women at the doctor's office, they have not stopped blabbing since I walked in---here's the deal-

One of em doesn't want to go to jury duty, the other tells her she could get out of it, surely it's a financial hardship, unless she has to show her tax returns and then she can't claim that.

The 41 olympic swimmer has a great body and dedication and two kids

She still doesn't wanna go to jury duty, it's still a hardship

Jury duty woman woke up at 9(gasping, literally) on saturday to see The Dark Knight - except she called it Batman -and it was sold out till Wednesday - discussion about Imax and disappointment and yes it's on lots of screens but only one Imax - don't worry they bought tickets for Wednesday

"It's like a cave in here"

"Who took my pen that has my name on it, I'm sure it wasn't you"
"It was probably me"
Shuffle papers, open drawers, shuffle crap, close drawers
"Where is my pen"

Whispering (probably about the cranky girl in the waiting room so rudely typing away with her thumbs instead of engaging in the Imax convo)

Now they've settled down and are quiet, yay, peace and quiet for my sleepy self - how do I get the worldwide no chitchat before 10am law put in place?

HEY- overly tanned guy in shorts, a tucked buttonup and flip flops got called before me! I should be called first just for having to endure nonsensical discussions, nevermind that I was actually here first.

Wow- I am really tired.

it's 3:30, do you know what your sprinklers are doing

woke around 2am, couldn't sleep and felt like typing in the dark while watching tv. next time need to remember the ramifications of the "Coke" aspect of Jack and Coke. And turkish coffee probably didn't help things either

2:53:30 AM I never did fully understand the X-Files
2:54:10 AM Scully’s hair looks a little fried, but her eyebrows look great
2:54:39 AM I wonder if the sprinklers always go off at 2;30am
2:57:15 AM If I want to beat anyone at Scrabulous I probably should not try and play now
2:58:07 AM Man, I don’t know, The Closer looks terrible
2:59:29 AM I agree with Andy on the whole push to talk thing
3:00:05 AM oh snap, it’s an X-Files marathon
3:01:50 AM that guy just pulled out his heart, ow
3:06:35 AM I turned down the volume so Guy wouldn’t wake up, but now I can’t hear it. Hmmph
3:08:06 AM another dude lost his heart
3:08:21 AM someone downstairs just made a loud crash and now the dog is barking. How do we sleep thru this every night?
3:09:15 AM the commercials are so random…. I kinda get RLS medication, but yogurt?
3:09:53 AM dog still barking
3:10:24 AM eharmony – that totally makes sense
3:10:36 AM I think someone is doing donuts down in the garage
3:10:57 AM the pedi egg is the most disgusting invention ever
3:14:39 AM seriously, what is going on in the garage
3:21:18 AM PGA – Tiger = don’t care
3:25:11 AM Saving Grace doesn’t look good either
3:25:55 AM oy, only 32% X-Files on Rotten Tomatoes, that’s too bad
3:26:26 AM wow, this episode is really boring. I wonder if it would be better if I could hear it
3:27:02 AM I really need to try and fall asleep

Tokidoki-so cute!

For the living room?

Do you think Guy would be upset if I brought R2 home? He's only $5450. Cute!


It's 8:15 and I am sitting in Sheila's room waiting for her to get ready for our breakfast meeting and trying not to wake up Maky. I'm actually sitting in the bathroom because it's the only room with light and can hear Sheila furiously typing away on her keyboard and wonders if she realizes we're gonna be late?

Damn hotel alarm went off at 5. I think hotel staff does that on purpose to play a cruel joke on us. I mean I would totally do that if I worked in a hotel.

And couldn't sleep well, different bed and all.

And so only really got like 5 hours of sleep, which is mos def not enough.

And starving.

And gunna be late for breakfast.

But having a pretty fun time.

But it's gunna be a long day.


The garage had a boo boo

Oh hell yeh

3 ish hours till doors open

Lunch of champions!

Like I said

Never be upset when you hit traffic- even when you're driving to San Diego mid day.

wow, i'm really dumb sometimes.

Put this in the "Someone paid more attention to her record collection than to her history teacher during high school" file*

So, I use the handy dandy Google Reader to keep up with my daily blogs and news and sometimes (just about always) at work it doesn't load the images fast enough so I only see the headlines, and then it freezes completely and I have to go back to it later…. So this morning I see this headline on Boing Boing: "Buy a full-size T. Rex replica" and wonder to myself who in 2008-1/2 would want a life size Marc Bolan? But it is Boing Boing, and I don't remember him being especially tall and because of that it makes perfect sense… So, Google Reader freezes and when I reopen it I see this:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. right.
*what, you don't have a file called that?

Don't be a prik

Home made prik khing! NOM!

Right Now!

  1. i am STOKED over getting the news about a new TVOTR cd- FINALLY! even though honestly I am still not tired of the last one
  2. can hear Guy making dinner and am flip flopping between feeling like the luckiest girl alive and guilty cause i'm in here fuckin around
  3. thinks picasa rules, and really only needs it to be wireless to make me that much happier
  4. i kinda sorta kinda want an iphone. don't tell Guy. i love gadgets. and their apps look awesome. gonna try and wait it out to see what BlackBerry comes up with. damnit.
  5. i have 1 night till i have to geek out with the nerds and am sooooo overwhelmed with shit i need to do at work and home. bah.
  6. loves the Dodgers right now. 12-2 in the 4th. hah! (err, not loving the error just now...might just want to delete number 6 before I even publish this---BAH, 12-3)
  7. feels bad that Guy has to go to jury duty tomorrow but thinks the plan of wearing one of my t-shirts, reading Are You There God, It's Me Margaret, while carrying a disposable camera in one hand and an oversized rubber ducky with a rainhat in the other hand should be a good way to not get placed on a jury
  8. realizes that she's writing these the same way she writes her Facebook status and that needs to stop

THIS is what Muzak should sound like!

So I had a dentist appointment that involved drilling and "cracking sounds" so I decided to listen to the sound of my music instead of the sound of teeth cracking. I put it on shuffle and below is what I was given... I don't know the names of any songs, just artists....oh and I gotta say this is a genius way to get through a dentist appointment - it wasn't so much the music, that was actually sort of a pain in the ass, since I had to keep asking him to repeat himself when he said anything, but it was a great distraction having to remember all the bands before I could type them out...

A Tribe Called Quest (awesome way to start)
Gossip (My new favorite)
Black Keys
Marcy Playground
The Hives (note to self, delete the Hives)
Arab strap
Jeremy Jay
Galaxie 500
Oasis (see The Hives above, unless it's Definitely Maybe)
Doves (booooring, sorry fans of Doves)
Converge (mmmm, I don't know... Andy suggested this one - better for when I am angry at work I think)
Kiss (oh - we're almost done and this is a perfect way to end, shutting down)

This would never happen to Batman

Somewhere out there is a Spider-Man that feels less than whole

A day with Coop and Poub

Guy was outta town last week for Cooper's birthday party and so The Clough's invited us over so that Guy could experience some of the most delish carne asada and I could take pics of the baby and the cat.
and a link: http://picasaweb.google.com/cindymvaughn/CooperAtHome

Cooper turns 1!

He had the BEST carne asada at his party! unfortunately for Guy he had to miss it.... I had enough for both of us, twice.

here's the link, in case the slideshow no worky worky for you http://picasaweb.google.com/cindymvaughn/CooperSFirstBirthdayParty


MAN! I've been trapped at my computer all afternoon because Zune made me FANTASTIC autoplaylist and I have not been able to drag myself away... I mean, obviously, I will like it cause it's all of my music, but it's playing all the music I actually WANT to hear right now and music I didn't even know know I wanted to hear... I have only forwarded through 2 or 3 songs and that's just because some of Guy's Built to Spill seeped in....

I need to hurry and log off though because Bleck Beck is coming up... good night now... going to see Chocolate Genius now, which the Zune knew because he played a song for me.

Yes, I take requests

KR asks me:

I don’t know how you feel about potty humor but I really think you need to take a picture of the flush the toilet completely signs in the bathroom and put it on your blog thing. Wondering if any other company has to tell their adult employees to please not leave their business hanging out for others to witness.

yes, I often wonder the same thing. And I have a feeling is the answer is "yes." People are just disgusting. I mean public bathrooms are sooo nasty when you think about it, which I, obviously, try not to. Anyone who wears their shoes inside their home (which we Vaughns do btw) is basically letting a stranger pee/poo/piss/shit in their bed. Think about it - you walk in the bathroom and there is always something nasty on the floor and you walk in it, then you walk in your house with your shoes on, then you walk in your house barefoot, picking up all the nastiest that your shoes left and then you get in bed with Joe Randumb's insides stuck to your feet and rubbing off on your sheets. gross.

We actually had a different problem at the office not so long ago that required a note that said something about discarding your feminine products in the bins provided and they didn't mean instead of the toilet, they meant instead of leaving it on the seat for the next person - this was actually happening A LOT at work - and it started suddenly, so I think it was being done maliciously by someone who was just mad at someone. gross.


To Do

Here's my list - I gave it order so you I can see what I need to do. Why is it so short yet I feel so overwhelmed by it! I need to take charge of my to-do!

- clean out closet, hallway closet, hallway shelves, then...
- drop off stuff at Out of the Closet
- make Fla and TX photo albums
- oh maybe I'll think about a new paint color in the bathroom

- Go see Wall-E
- eat crabs, drink beers
- go to the post office
- go to the atm
- have ramen with Guy
- organize photos
--- make photo albums
--- decide which to print/frame and order them there totally were not any worth printing
- clean up desk (not as easy as those 3 little words would imply)
- make 2 returns
- go to Doctor's appt.
--- do not fill prescribed medications and instead research alternatives that do not involve prescription drugs. bah - nevermind. I just need to drink water.
- pack toys
- sell some books -- give away some books!
old news:
Update: It's Sunday and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished this week!
Update: It's Thursday. totally getting shit done.
Update: It's Wednesday and I did nothing today. Well I had lunch with Guy. that's TOTALLY something, but it's not on the list. oh - wait... look, it magically appeared!
Update: It's Tuesday and I cleaned the desk. yay.
Update: It's Monday and I didn't do anything on my list today but I realized that I also have Thursday since Guy isn't fortunate enough to have a 4 day weekend.

So I may be sitting on the couch right now and maybe I didn't do anything today and maybe I won't do anything tomorrow but starting Monday you better believe shit is getting done! I took next week off work just to get caught up on stuff at home - so that means I have Mon, Tue and Wed before the long holiday weekend where I won't do anything except eat and drink.

Homemade Shrimp Stock!

Guy is making another what is sure to be AWESOME dinner... he's even making shrimp stock!

Holiday Weekend Fun

We had some TASTY food, some ice cold beers and some really good times with friends this weekend. Sorry to see the weekend end but I do need to detox!!