So do I read them now?

Lifehacker posted a link to Books That Changed Your Life and I was sort of shocked that I've only read 1 of them, and it in no way changed my life. I have another book on the list sitting on my To Read shelf but honestly I will probably never read it. So do I go and read them now? nah.

In case you were wondering - Cider House Rules, A Fine Balance and Go Ask Alice.

Spell check?

I consider myself to have fairly excellent spelling abilities* and there are just some words that I can not spell - ever... like Hummous - like that could be right, but I have no idea. This can be an ongoing list of those words and a reminder to myself to not just give up on my spelling dreams... it's probably not too late to win my grade school spelling bee. right?

  • sandwich. sandwiche?
  • Nauseaus... I usually spell it so wrong spell check doesn't know wtf I'm attempting
  • Tomatoe/Tomato/Potato/Potatoe/I used to know how to spell these, before Dan Qualye/Quail
  • Hummous?

*if you get an email from me with lots of typos it's because I can't type, not because I can't spell. Also, I am too lazy to use punctuation or capital letters. usually.
Newest word shown in bold.

bah humbug

I like never try and surprise Guy with anything... TWICE I've wanted to and TWICE he's stumbled upon evidence of surprise. sucks.

it's a sign... the blog i wrote under this Title didn't load... so I won't write it. and i won't judge. But i will continue to wonder how i could not like a single band on someone's list of favorites. oh shoot. i went and did it anyway.

And then there were none.

I went to my first Killer Shrimp in Redondo Beach probably 15 years ago… it was like spicy, buttery, shrimpy magical heaven…. I went into debt at that Killer Shrimp. Literally. I was living way beyond my means on my minimum wage salary yet we would go there at least once a week - it was my addiction. When I decided to move out of the South Bay I was actually glad the addiction wouldn't be so available…I never went back after I moved and it closed a few years ago.
Jodi and I went to the one in Studio City a couple of times. I thought it was too big and didn't have any character. it closed.

Last night on a fluke we ended up there for dinner and was saddened by the sad note that they were being forced out and were looking for a new place.

I was expecting to have my last great meal there and sadly our shrimp was overcooked and the bread was a little stale. The flavor was good as ever, but it just wasn’t the same. Also, they didn't have pecan pie. Chocolate cake instead of pecan pie at Killer Shrimp? bad. Part of me wishes they would just throw in the towel but if they don't and they actually do end up in a new better location I hope they remember how to cook their shrimp.

This is where I work

I'm just sayin. We're doing major construction right now. And there are air filters all over the building failing miserably at collecting all of the construction dust and so there are facilities people walking around dusting the cubes and nooks and crannies and they aren't using Swiffers (they aren't using Swifters either thankfully) so the dust is just flying all over. Just two days ago I dusted the cars on my desk- and by dusted I mean I took a can of compressed air and did not shake it before holding it upright to blow the dust off the cars and onto my keyboard- and today they were covered again when I got in to the office. Hmmph. I had to spend a good 5 minutes bitching about that. But besides dust we have to be aware of the Power Powder Actuated Tools and Lasers - but I should not worry because it's an "Injury Free Environment" - unfortunately it's not a headache free environment

special shoutout to KR for being able to read when clearly I cannot.

The new Charles Shaw?

Quote of the day: "Since when is Chardonnay tan?"

For only $4.99+tax+crv +the cost of gas to drive to the LBC you can have tan chardonnay too! A quick peruse of their site confirms it's not really supposed to be tan. Good find Husband!

Ego and Arrogance - there's only one of me

I always thought I didn't like people who were really full of themselves but recently I've been defending one of the most arrogant people of our time* - Kanye West. That's right. Kanye West. I fucking love Kanye West - (don't hate, I'm sure you love something that I can't stand but somehow in your mind it's different because you can't understand subjectivity). There is just something about him that I love.

Have you see pics of his apartment? Google it. Go ahead - Fuck - lazy, fine here's the link, make sure you watch the slideslow. Mother fucker has a design sense- he's not like those other guys you see on Cribs with their rented marble and 15 bathrooms, one for each whore (ouch). OK, granted his design sense has not a damn thing to do with his ego, but it's just something I like about him - he's different and not afraid to be different. The line that goes something like There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me. Damn - that is arrogance. But I love it. Isn't that what Capitalism is all about after all? Obtaining everything you can and flaunting it in the face of your neighbors and friends/fans?

I really only thought of this because I was putting in the new Solomon Burke cd (thx husband) and noticed that his website is called - I thought that was funny and awesome ---- HEY FUCKIN A look at that - I just looked him up online and we share a birthday!! that's right The King Solomon Burke is also a 321!

*I was gonna say "our generation" but I think people who are actually in his generation are not the same as the generation they think I am in - did you follow that?...

That's annoying!

My worst critic is myself! - no, really. You think you've thought all kinds of bad things about me? Well believe me, get in line mother fucker. if you would like to add to the list by letting me know all the ways that I annoy you, too bad, it's my list. Make your own. But really, that wouldn't be very nice now would it?

Ways I annoy myself - in no particular order:

  • I make piles. Instead of just putting shit away, I put it in a pile and eventually it gets put away
  • I always pick the slowest checkout lane. It could be the longest or the shortest line in a 56 lane Target and if I pick you don't wanna follow me.
  • I eavesdrop in public places - I don't mean to (usually) but I pick up bits and pieces and then I get sucked in trying to figure them out. The CIA could totally use me.
  • I don't drink enough water - like, seriously, hardly any at all.
  • I can't remember details from movies, books or tv shows. But I can tell you that SASTC's security gate code is #3090 and I have only been there two times in the last 2 years.
  • I type too fast, which would be great if I had any accuracy and didn't have to keep hitting the backspace key.
  • I overshare. just ask Guy.
  • I am too punctual. Even when I try and arrive late (and sometimes that IS appropriate) I get there early or on time. This does not mean that if I am ever waiting for you that it's ok to be late. It's not.
  • It makes me happy that I know what the F12 key does. (F5 too, but I don't want to brag)
  • I make lists of ways I annoy myself

Rude announcers or why I should not watch basketball, even if it is the Finals.

The dipshit douchey basketball announcer just proved his doucheyness when they were doing the celeb cam ---

It went something like this:

"There's Flea, I'm told he’s from the Red Hot Chili Peppers"

- so clearly you know he is from RHCP - what are you trying to prove by playing dumb?

"There's Will Smith and his wife"

- Even if you don't know who she is, and by the unlikely chance the same super genius who fed you info on Flea didn't tell you who she was HER NAME IS ON THE FUCKING SCREEN. At least read it, so you don't seem like some fucking Neanderthal sexist/jock/asshole.

"And, of course, there's Jack Nicholson"

- of course.

But you don't even know me?

Why would people who have never met me want to follow me on Twitter? To not know me is to love me?

Al Gore does not approve of my blog

I just read online that black backgrounds use more energy. What should I do? Leave it. Change it? Leave it? Change it. The decisions I am forced to make on a daily are exhausting.

Oh hell yeh

Guy observes the No Rapid Fire rule

love this pic

first random thought

why do i have to write my header in all caps? i don't write anything in all caps. annoying.