Nick Cave news. omg. omg. omg

FUCK YEH! So, without seeing even a trailer, I have already determined that The Road is going to be my favorite movie of the year and will probably get into the Top 5 (behind Pulp fiction and fighting for placement with Goodfellas, LA Confidential and Purple Rain) and since it was a John Hillcoat film I sort of assumed Nick Cave would, at the very least, be on the soundtrack. Soooo happy when I read the news that he'll be doing the score, that is going to be fan-fucking-tastic. I can't wait.

So to recap the awesomeness that Nick fans have to look forward to in the coming year:

1) The Road w Nick score source
2) Reissues - make that Deluxe Reissues! says who?
3) A new book! Now I just need to finally finish the last one! If it's on the internet in Canada it must be true

yay. I win.

Sailors are the new pirates.

So if you have spent more than say, 3-1/2 minutes with me you know that I use expletives. A lot. What can I say, I am a product of my environment – I grew up in Lawndale, Carson, San Pedro, in a totally white trash family complete with drugs, Thanksgiving Day fights concluding with brother 3 trying to hit brother 2 in the head with a hammer (did I mention they were grown men and bro 2 was my father?), and unemployment/welfare checks. So yeh. I swear. Usually I just think it’s part of my charm, but sometimes I think “fuck, I really need to cut back.” Knowing this is nearly impossible I think I have a good solution – Talk like a Sailor Day. We already talk like pirates once a year and that's getting a little tired honestly, talking like a sailor isn’t really a stretch right? And it’s for EVERYONE, all ages, all occupations, everyone. Little Jacob running around after the soccer ball screaming “oh shit, why the fuck do I have to pass the ball to HER?” or James asking his financial planner "HOW THE FUCK CAN I RETIRE IN A MARKET LIKE THIS" without anyone getting offended or all uppity. Get it all out in one day and the rest of the year people can go back to judging.

- No offense to actual sailors, I love boats.

Baby Steps

Everywhere I click lately it seems that people are making lists about all the ways they are going to improve themselves - maybe that fucking terrible movie (not that I saw it) The Bucket List got people to thinking...maybe I just happen to be clicking on lots of pre-midlife crisis blogs... maybe it's the screwed up state of our country and the uncertainty of where we are going to be depositing our pay/unemployment checks. Whatever the hell it is it inspired me as much as I can be inspired lately. Some lists are before I die lists, some are before I turn ____ age. But I need little goals.

I actually started writing this two weeks and was hoping to come up with some more, but I've never been won those people with "goals" - like I said, baby steps.

Before Dec 31 2008
Finish the living room art project
Go to the gym for 11 straight days
Go 3 weeks without coffee (hah! only 4 more days and I am there!)
Maintain or improve my current weight. (ok, obs I want that number to be lower. baby steps)

Before Sep 28 2009
Find an awesome Los Angeles TShirt or Print
Get a new tattoo

Before I die
Have some will power and say no to things that I know are bad for me
Stop multitasking and just do things one at a time

Day 7

Day 7 Detox

The headache is gone! Yay! AND I have tons of energy. Unfortunately Guy is also gone so I'm basically bouncing off the walls and needing to figure out what I can do with all this energy!

Yesterday was the hardest day of the detox, went to a kiddie birthday party where there was a ton of tasty food (so I was told) icey cold beers (it was HOT) and cake! I did good though, I had a piece of chicken that I am pretty sure was "safe" and stayed away from everything else. I'm actually pretty shocked that I've been able to stick with it, wonder what's gunna happen in 2 weeks when I'm done. Oh I've lost 7 lbs. So there.

Bounce bounce.

Day 4

Day 4 Detox.


(Day 5 has started much better)

Day 3


Day 2

Detox Day 2 9/23 Tuesday 1 drink, 1 headache
Today was not an easy day. The Headache set it around 10:30, 11-ish. The insanity that is my Inbox was also out.of.fucking.control and it just made for a rough day. I really need to be drinking more water. I want a cup of coffee so so bad I can hardly stand it. I think approaching this whole “detox” thing as a challenge to myself was totally the way to go. Only 19 days left. (and really, I’m not going the whole 21 days because we’re going camping the last 3 days of it, but I don’t need to admit right now that I am already giving up, do I? no.)

THE Drink
Steamed veggies (the worst steamed veggies EVER btw – do not, I repeat, do not get the steamed veggies from the El Segundo Whole Foods. Terrible)
Brown rice
Chicken breast
Lettuce and cucumbers
Sliced turkey

I’ve been in bed since 7:15. It’s 7:55 and really just want to go to sleep.

AND I was just reading another random blog and it was all about how the author isn’t going to be so negative or judgmental and is going to try and focus on the positive things in life. At least I think that’s what it is about, I didn’t actually read it.

Can’t believe it’s only day 2. Feels like a week.

Day 1

Day 1 9/22 Monday 1 drink

Day 1, no major mishaps and everything seemed to go smooooooth. I was reminded by the evil* Dr Patrick that chili – even vegan chili – is made with tomatoes. DAMNIT! Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. Totally felt really good today, tomorrow the headache is going to set it for a couple of days I would imagine and I need to stock up on more snacks because I was reminded today by Tina that I need to “keep my mouth busy” (huh huh) so that I don’t crave sweets.

The Drink
Red Potatoes
Green tea
Water (not nearly enough water)

*Dr. Patrick is not evil.

Day 0

9/21 Sunday

Tomorrow I start a detox thingy that is GOING to last 3-weeks (or 21 days, or 504 hours, or 30,240 minutes, or if you like really unachievable goals it’s 1,814,400 seconds – I do love the internet). I say GOING to last because damnit I am totally going to get through this. In the grand scheme of life 3 weeks is soooo nothing. It’s going to be tough – no caffeine, sugar, wheat… it’s really just a super healthy way of eating that I should be doing anyway along with some probably really nasty tasting drink that has all of the vitamins I am not getting because all I ever eat is coffee, sugar and wheat. (yes, I consider coffee a food). Hmmph.

In the spirit of a good kick-off I HAD to go out with a bang, so today I had a huge coffee along with a donut and then a very small serving of a very salty chinese fast food dish accompanied by a super tasty carbonated and caffeinated soda. I think we’re having skirt steak for dinner along with some yummy wine and finishing up with some dark chocolate. So basically, every single thing I have eaten today will be off limits for the next almost two million seconds. Easy! Right.

A quick list of things in my diet that I can’t eat:
Red Meat (only during week 2 do I have to stop all meats)
Eggs, dairy
Things with added Sugars. Bah.

Piece of (sugar-free) cake!

oy, I just realized Guy is going to be out of town for most of week 2, really smart planning on his part. I'll have to work extra hard to find things I like and can prepare myself that aren't frozen mac and cheese dinners!

If it's September we're going to Pomona!

Pretty much every year I try and make it out to the fair. Basically if you've been to one fair you've been to them all and nothing really changes except the prizes evolve into the most current licensed hit (Hannah Montana) and the shopping expos get the lastest As Seen on TV must-have (ShamWOW!). Knowing this does not stop me from wanting to go.... here are some pics of things that can be seen and done at the fair. See you there next year!

A lot on Eva's mind

Eva is wondering when the last time there was 8+ scoreless innings on Colorado and why all of the televised football games are games she doesn't care to watch. Oh, she's also curious about when she's going to be introduced on Boris and Caesar's blog.

Posted by ShoZu

Thursday morning thoughts

1) wow, it's already Thursday. (wow, it's already September. wow, I'm already 35.) shit.

2) I have a headache.

3) I'm listening to the Mattel webcast about the new safety standards -- it's exciting stuff really. They just said that if you don't work for Mattel or haven't been invited you should log off or leave the room because the presentation is privileged.. I dunno, that made me laugh. Altho it is kind of fancy that we webcast.

4) I really don't "Love Lucy" - If I explain this comment I will have to kill you. See point 3.

5) Man, it is really not easy to make a toy. We do have cookie socials and half-day Fridays but fucking hell, they get earned.

Suffering through the first hour of the MTV VMAs

I am questioning the decision that someone at MTV made to have Rihanna open the VMAs

WAIT, is that a White Stripes song? wtf.
She is just not a good performer.
This song sucks.
Those are totally courtesy applause.
Oh good, she’s gonna come back later.

Russell Brand is totally reading, he shoulda memorized.

I am totally not on board with the new set up – the room is too small, you can see backstage, the logos are out of scale to the small room, the cameras are too close.

Jamie Foxx says “Wake Up!”. And I say How?

Jamie Foxx says “Give it up for Rihanna and that outfit” – he must like thighs.

PREDICTION: Oh, Katy Perry is totally gonna win.
ACTUAL: Britney

Why would you put the camera on someone who is about to be told to leave their seats?

Britney believes in God?

Holy shit – this show is sucking ass.

Football score check: commercial

There is a commercial on about 18-25 year old voters and how they are under represented, I should not be watching this

Umm, except Demi Moore just came onstage, and she’s old.

Good Christ, why would you let her walk onstage without a mic?

Paying the bills: Chris Brown just won, but he didn’t specifically thank Guy, or anyone else.

I wonder why the speeches are so short and how they can do that for other shows

Why the fuck is Russell Brand talking so fast?

The Jonas Brothers playing on a fake stoop? WHAT THE FUCK.

I wonder if they provided all that neon to the kids or if those kids actually own that shit

Whoever the hell is singing Like A Virgin has a terrible voice and camel toe

Football score check: Chi 7 – Ind 6

Oh – Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak are doing a dance off! That should be pretty sweet

Oh I guess that was Katy Perry. She needs better shorts and a voice coach

I am literally becoming angry watching this terrible show.

Oh huh, here’s Michael Phelps. He’s totally over exposed

Leona Lewis shoulda been singing earlier, she has a nice voice and no camel toe

Bleeping bad words in songs does not make for good tv

I think the small room is really making this show bad.

Lindsey needs a bra and to learn how to read

Wait – they aren’t gonna show the dance battle?? Damnit.

Best Dancing in a Video
PREDICTION: Pussycat Dolls
ACTUAL: Pussycat Dolls.

There is a lot of God thanking tonight

Football score check: Chi 12 – Ind 6

Commercial: When did Ballys become Bally?

I think I have figured out that MTV is intentionally making this show bad, it’s the train wreck factor, they know I can’t change the channel because I need to see what is next.

I do not know who Paramore is

More neon

I am not missing anything by not knowing who Paramore is

Time for dinner! Yum!

Playlist, Shuffle all, from Chicago to LA

I have decided this is a good activity when I need to kill time and don't have the mental capacity for things like reading. Man, I am tired.

The Buzzcocks - Oh Shit

(Huh, maybe not a great song for a flight. Man it's loud at this seat. I need better headphones)

Holly Golightly - So Far Up There

The Flaming Lips - Superhumans

(Why does it smell like dog food on this plane?)

The Rolling Stones - Lies

The Flaming Lips - The

(Srsly, already with another FLips song)

AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm

The War on Drugs - Coast Reprise

Thee Headcoats - Beach Bums Must Die

Pixies - No. 13 Baby

Mercury Rev - Hudson Lines

Dengue Fever - Laugh Track

Dead Kennedys - Saturday Night Holocaust

!!! - Infinifold

Swans - We'll Fall Apart

Outkast - Speakerboxx: War

BRMC - Heart + Soul

Queens of the Stone Age - Tension Head

Reatards - Make It Fit

Groove Armada - Madder

(The movie they are showing is Speed Racer, not a good movie and a really bad movie on a 13" screen where you can't appreciate the colors)

KMFDM - Achtung!

Reatards - I Want Sex

(Repeats so far, Flaming Lips, Reatards. Not too bad- Dirtbombs is probably coming up)

I shit you not, I did not make this up:
The Dirtbombs - Fire in the Western World

The Chieftains - The Foggy Dew

Swans - Failure

Stereophonics - Just Looking

Jeremy Jay - A Place Where We Could Go

MC5 - Miss X

Holly Golightly - Lifering

(Um, ok big, hairy guy is totally infringing on my space.)

Bongwater - Great Radio

Holly Golightly - Too Late Now

Patsy Cline - Faded Love

T.Rex - The Motivator

AC/DC - Walk All Over You

I'm gonna read now.

I'm back

Mudhoney - This Gift

(Man, my back is killing me, big hairy arm guy is all up in my space and it's making me sit all funky)

(They are passing out water, I recently read that airplane water is some funky recycled nonsense, gross-and they're just pouring it into people's existing cups, rim of the water bottle picking up airplane mouth nastiness from the cup rims! Yuck)

Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow

The Who - Guitar and Pen

Jeremy Jay - Lunar Camel

The White Stripes - Go

(Ok so it's 1:08 pacific time, I thought Guy said I got in at 3 but that just can't be - 2 more hours on this plane, fuuuuuuuuck, my itinerary is in the overhead, sometimes being trapped in the window seat sucks, maybe I should start sitting in aisle seats)

Spiritualized - Good Night Goodnight

Bratmobile - Some Special

68 Comeback - Little Pig

David Bowie - It Ain't Easy

The Gories - Telepathic

Gonna read some, totally bored.


Home now.

Proof reading did not happen.

Me being me

Even after a 12 hour travel day I still have it in me to wonder about a hotel that has hard wood floors and a steam shower serving food on a tray like this. Maybe they're being ironic. I would be more impressed with bamboo though.

Hey! ho! let's go.


Rock N Roll HoF

A stop on the way!

Breakfast of champions

Hitting the road after a stop at Panera

Detroits vs Tigers

Tied in the 3rd

Shawarma yumminess

Just finishing lunch with our friend from Dodge.

Hot Wheels Road Trip - Detroit Stop, part 2 - BBQ!

After a short break and a shower we headed over to Hot Wheels Collector Joe's house where his wife had prepared an awesome spread of carne asade and chicken for us. Oh and beer and margaritas! yum.

Here is a link to some pics from the evening.

Hot Wheels Road Trip - Detroit Stop

SheilaAnn and I didn't really leave the retail trailer for the event but I managed to get out and get a few pictures. The link is here in case the slideshow doesn't make you happy:

We're heading out to dinner now, Collector Joe is hosting a BBQ. I'm thinking there is going to be some TASTY food there!


Sweet GTO

Hot Wheels Employee Picnic and Road Trip kick off

From a few weeks ago...