I have no focus

Late today I was wandering around the office making the rounds to some friends complaining about how I don't have any focus and trying to distract them from theirs. Most of em were surprisingly engaged in their work considering it was after 4, or in a meeting or not at their desk. One of them suggested I write about how I have no focus on my blog INSUFFICIENT FOCUS. oh right. That IS sort of the point of this thing right.?.

I have actually had HUGE focus so far this year - yeh yeh I know we're only like 4 work days into the year but I still feel accomplished. At home too. I'm feeling pretty good about this year so far. There are a couple of things that can still be improved - but fuck yeh - things are pretty good so far.

It's funny how when you start to really prioritize things in your life and become aware you find a lot of similarities around you and people saying the same things. I've been talking about how I want to multi-task less and have been thinking about how I need to be more present and concentrate on the now and blah blah blah and I swear 3 people have said the same thing to me this week. Maybe it's just the new year and people wanting a fresh start and are looking for a more positive experience in a shitty world and feeling optimistic about Mr Change swooping in to save the day in a couple of weeks. Whatever. I don't know. Hopefully I can remember to stay focused and present into at least February. It's also funny how when you start to be more aware you become more aware of all the stuff you can improve. I guess I need to make another list.

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