A name is just a name is just a name

I love music. love love love it. When I find out that a favorite artist is coming out with a new cd I get school-girl with an ice cream cone and a new kitten giddy. I research street dates, tour dates, singles, all of it. What I don't do or understand is getting excited over the announcement of an album title and what I really can't comprehend is why I should care about a track-listing. Until you hear the music they are just words. I don't think it's giving you any sort of insight into the music at all. words. I mean, go to NME - and right now the number 3 story is "Pete Doherty names solo album - exclusive" - really? I care about what he's calling his album? Not at all... I mean I am not a Pete Doherty fan but I'm sure there was a similar story when Nick Cave named his last cd and you know what - I probably didn't click on it. I would have read the words Dig Lazarus Dig and thought "huh." MAYBE I would have thought "huh?!" if they correctly inserted the exclamation marks (DIG!!!). But I wouldn't have tried to figure it out and for sure it has not changed my feelings about the cd itself.

The fifth story right now on NME is "Bob Mould reveals new album details" - again - a title and a tracklisting. WHO CARES? Do you think you are going to enjoy it any more (or less) because 4 months before it's released you know that track 4 is called "MM 17" (unless of course there was an MM 1 - 16 and this was just a continuation of those songs)? AT LEAST they gave us the street date and tour dates. Finally - something I could get excited about - if I liked Bob Mould that is. I really don't have feelings about him. I'm sure he's worthy of 30 years of praise I just never got into him.

You see it in all music news outlets - indie and mainstream - and I have never understood it. Please explain it to me.

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