Missing Facebook groups and status updates

I think we need these groups on Facebook (they could actually be there, I really haven't searched):

- Just click Yes or No on Evite. No one thinks your replies are funny and "maybe" just about always means no.
- I judge you by what you feed your children
- I judge you by your font
- I judge you by whether or not you judge others
- Liberals of the world unite against those close-minded and judgmental conservatives!
- No, you can't ask the meaning of my tattoo
- Fuck, like, meh and seriously are tops in my vocabularly.

And here are some status updates that I want to write but can't (yet, somehow I feel it's ok to blog? interesting.)

- Cindy does not want to look back and laugh, she wants to laugh now.
- Cindy would like you to go fuck yourself. (usually only on Mondays and I don't mean you, silly!)
- Cindy has pooped 6 days in a row (If you know me you know this is status update worthy)
- Cindy doesn't care what club you are going to, but she would like to hear about if you had a good time or not. (it's not where you are it's who you're with that's important!)

Seriously. Fuck man, the snark is, like, in full effect tonight...meh - time to bust open the wine!

- Cindy hopes no one takes any of this personally otherwise Cindy will suggest you join the group "fuck you if you can't take a joke" j/k love you. bye.

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