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So. You know on Sunday I did that whole temple/om/God thing. Well I thought a lot about the sermon and how I need to be more positive, not influenced by people's negativity (blah blah blah). And for ONE WHOLE DAY I was totally feeling it. YEH! You - grumpy narcissist - you're not gonna get me down. YOU - negative Nathan, you keep your bah hum bug to yourself. You - irritating person who follows up an email with a visit asking if I read your email - I will not waste my brain power thinking about how that is absolutely one of THE most annoying traits a co-worker can have (unless you're my friend and it is really important and/or you know I would appreciate the break). No. For ONE WHOLE DAY I was all mellow and zen and shit.

Then Tuesday came. And sometimes I just REALLY wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I'm moody, I know. I own it. I don't love that about myself, but you walk a half-mile to Starbucks in my red boots before you think you can judge me.

ANYWAY. I was struggling with how to be positive when I just felt so shitty for no reason. And since the guru wasn't available (I assume) I went to the next best thing - Guy. I asked him for advice on how to turn a random bout of bad mood around into something positive. I don't really know what I was expecting, but what I got was amazing. It didn't make me feel any better necessarily but it made me feel normal (don't laugh) and human and loved. I am TOTALLY reprinting this without his permission - he just rushed home to make us dinner while I sit on the couch wishing a glass of wine would magically appear in front of me. And hopefully he knows how amazing I think he is. Thanks Husband!

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well that's part of a bigger discussion. it's one of the many issues that I have with religion and enlightenment. it's one of the reasons religion has been called the opiate of the masses. it's one of the things I found sad about [person you don't know] working the day his sister died in a car crash.
I want to feel sad, angry, bitter, etc, from time to time (but not for too long). It reminds me that I am (what's a fancy word for it) er, let's just say, "human".
I like all that eastern philosophy stuff, and try to apply some of it to my life, but I can only take it so far. What fun would life be without some negative emotions? Well I can tell you we wouldn't have Grandaddy, Nick Cave, or The Rolling Stones. I can also imagine our book cases would be pretty empty. And movies? No "The Wrestler"? I try to imagine a life where I don't occasionally retreat to Prince 'O Wales to drown my bad day in Bud & hot wings and it makes me shudder. That would suck.
So if you are looking for the advice from a guy that doesn't wear an orange robe, I say just "do your thing" (great song btw).
You should add the remake of Razor's Edge (with Bill Murray) to Netflix. My favorite quote from that movie, "It's easy to be a holy man on top of a mountain".

I highly recommend getting a Guy of your own, but in this tough economy I would be willing to loan you mine in exchange for food and beverage.

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