I accidentally just broke a girl's heart

We never answer the phone. I happen to think Caller ID is one of the top 5 inventions of the last 15ish years (along with TiVo, HD, Smart Phones, and Online Banking) and it allows me to know when I can ignore the call. So, the other day we get a message from what I assume was a nervous telemarketer with poor reading skills and just deleted it without thinking. I noticed that it was a real phone number though and not blocked or an 800 number which I thought was odd. Just a few minutes ago I noticed the same number pop up and the girl - even more nervous this time - left a message like this

Hi, uhh, this is ______, and I am calling from, uhh, Califo, California and I am looking for, uhhh, Guy Vaughn. It's not, uhh, anything, I , uhhh, just, uhh, am looking for my father who's named Guy Vaughn....

at that point I was so startled but I didn't want the poor girl to go on wondering so I just answered and said "Hi, uhh, Guy Vaughn lives here but he's not your father" - man - HARSH. I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just so fucking surprised. She was clearly disappointed and uncomfortable and I said "I'm sorry" and she said "It's ok" and hung up. I wanted to call her back and apologize and tell her that I've looked up my father and mother too and thought about calling them. I wanted to tell her how courageous I thought she was and good luck with her search. I felt terrible.

But then...

I wondered, man - what if it IS Guy? can you imagine. She sounded sorta young... like coulda been in her teens. Maybe I should have him call her? omg. can you imagine. A search on white pages.com brings up 6 Guy Vaughn's in California, but our phone number isn't listed. Did she PAY to find it? Wow... I am totally not going to be able to sleep tonight. Can we really just assume he isn't her father??? you just never really know right?? can you imagine.

Of course, Guy is out of town so I am processing all of this on my own. Calling him. Hold on. Ok, not sure where he is, so I am just going to keep assuming he needs to call her and figure all this out.

oh shit, I think I just found her on Facebook.

Fuck it, I'm calling her

She was really nice. It's not Guy Guy.... hope she finds what she is looking for. good grief. I need a drink and to go to bed.

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