Writing Class, lesson one

So I have a friend that is taking a photography class and is loving it. And you may know that I really enjoy the picture taking so I looked into his class but quickly realized that taking a photography class would require GOING to a photography class, as in leaving the house, as in getting off of the couch, as in it's fall and will probably start getting cold (altho I did just buy a really cute jacket) and do I really want to drive all the way to Santa Monica after work once a week for 6 straight weeks - the horror. I didn't want to totally give up on the idea of taking a class though and noticed the same people offered online classes. Sweet. Stay on the couch and still feel productive when I can manage to squeak out 20 minutes of motivation. Sooooo anyway, I signed up for a beginning writing class... I've taken a bunch of writing classes and thought a beginning one would be good and not too demanding (I would imagine?) and hopefully get me motivated!

ANYWAY - I figured since I was asked twice about why I haven't been posting (am totally feeling the love btw - thanks bitches!) that I would go ahead and post my writings from the lessons. I hope to continue this but I reserve the right to get lazy and not post, be a total flake and not post or think the assignment was lame or required some personal information or experiences that I don't want to share, and not post.

Lesson 01
Go to Discussion Area 1 and introduce yourself by writing a paragraph that tells us:
Something about you.
What you hope to get out of the Beginning Writer's Workshop.

(yeh - not very demanding, I know - but it's lesson 01 - what do you want? btw you should see some of the frightening replies. here I go judging again. bad cindy)

by: Cindy
Hi everyone… I am 35 and have a great husband, some pets and an awesome job. My awesome job consumes most of my time and all of my energy. I love to write but many years ago had a terrible experience with an ex-boyfriend reading my journal which contained some seriously personal thoughts and things that could have been very hurtful to people if he chose to share what he read. I signed up for this class hoping to find some motivation and start writing again. I also have absolutely no focus and am very easily distracted – I walked away from this 3 times, went to check my email twice and sent two IM's – so I guess I am also hoping to find some focus through motivation. I also love run on sentences and writing in all lower case, but those are mostly because I am lazy. Oh yeh – I am also lazy. Lesson 1 – check!

side note, i just decided that all blogs should be called blahgs. as in blah blah blah...

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