I need a new nail salon

So, my current preferred nail place is just too far. It's in Santa Monica, which is only like 6 miles away, but considering I live in Los Angeles and there is probably 750 nail salons between here and Santa Monica there is no real reason to go all the way up there, unless I am meeting Nancy for breakfast, but that's only like half the time. And I'm not talking Main St Santa Monica (south)- I go allll the way up to Santa Monica blvd and 4th Street (north-ish) - so not only is it far, but I usually end up parking wayyy the hell up in one of the 3rd Street Promenade structures. Bad. But I've been happy enough with their service so I make the trek. But today I am reconsidering. I get that the economy is in the shitter and business is probably way the fuck down for businesses that offer what some people, although not me, would consider non-essential.

In the 25 minutes I was there I had to say:
No, I don't want a 10 minute shoulder massage
No, I don't want extra buff
No, I don't need extra hand massage
No, I don't need extra foot massage
No, I don't want hand paraffin
No, I don't want foot paraffin
No, I do not like all this upsell bullshit
Yes, I am sure.

Looking for recommendations close to home to have one.

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