Ego and Arrogance - there's only one of me

I always thought I didn't like people who were really full of themselves but recently I've been defending one of the most arrogant people of our time* - Kanye West. That's right. Kanye West. I fucking love Kanye West - (don't hate, I'm sure you love something that I can't stand but somehow in your mind it's different because you can't understand subjectivity). There is just something about him that I love.

Have you see pics of his apartment? Google it. Go ahead - Fuck - lazy, fine here's the link, make sure you watch the slideslow. Mother fucker has a design sense- he's not like those other guys you see on Cribs with their rented marble and 15 bathrooms, one for each whore (ouch). OK, granted his design sense has not a damn thing to do with his ego, but it's just something I like about him - he's different and not afraid to be different. The line that goes something like There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me. Damn - that is arrogance. But I love it. Isn't that what Capitalism is all about after all? Obtaining everything you can and flaunting it in the face of your neighbors and friends/fans?

I really only thought of this because I was putting in the new Solomon Burke cd (thx husband) and noticed that his website is called - I thought that was funny and awesome ---- HEY FUCKIN A look at that - I just looked him up online and we share a birthday!! that's right The King Solomon Burke is also a 321!

*I was gonna say "our generation" but I think people who are actually in his generation are not the same as the generation they think I am in - did you follow that?...

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