And then there were none.

I went to my first Killer Shrimp in Redondo Beach probably 15 years ago… it was like spicy, buttery, shrimpy magical heaven…. I went into debt at that Killer Shrimp. Literally. I was living way beyond my means on my minimum wage salary yet we would go there at least once a week - it was my addiction. When I decided to move out of the South Bay I was actually glad the addiction wouldn't be so available…I never went back after I moved and it closed a few years ago.
Jodi and I went to the one in Studio City a couple of times. I thought it was too big and didn't have any character. it closed.

Last night on a fluke we ended up there for dinner and was saddened by the sad note that they were being forced out and were looking for a new place.

I was expecting to have my last great meal there and sadly our shrimp was overcooked and the bread was a little stale. The flavor was good as ever, but it just wasn’t the same. Also, they didn't have pecan pie. Chocolate cake instead of pecan pie at Killer Shrimp? bad. Part of me wishes they would just throw in the towel but if they don't and they actually do end up in a new better location I hope they remember how to cook their shrimp.

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