That's annoying!

My worst critic is myself! - no, really. You think you've thought all kinds of bad things about me? Well believe me, get in line mother fucker. if you would like to add to the list by letting me know all the ways that I annoy you, too bad, it's my list. Make your own. But really, that wouldn't be very nice now would it?

Ways I annoy myself - in no particular order:

  • I make piles. Instead of just putting shit away, I put it in a pile and eventually it gets put away
  • I always pick the slowest checkout lane. It could be the longest or the shortest line in a 56 lane Target and if I pick you don't wanna follow me.
  • I eavesdrop in public places - I don't mean to (usually) but I pick up bits and pieces and then I get sucked in trying to figure them out. The CIA could totally use me.
  • I don't drink enough water - like, seriously, hardly any at all.
  • I can't remember details from movies, books or tv shows. But I can tell you that SASTC's security gate code is #3090 and I have only been there two times in the last 2 years.
  • I type too fast, which would be great if I had any accuracy and didn't have to keep hitting the backspace key.
  • I overshare. just ask Guy.
  • I am too punctual. Even when I try and arrive late (and sometimes that IS appropriate) I get there early or on time. This does not mean that if I am ever waiting for you that it's ok to be late. It's not.
  • It makes me happy that I know what the F12 key does. (F5 too, but I don't want to brag)
  • I make lists of ways I annoy myself

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