Spell check?

I consider myself to have fairly excellent spelling abilities* and there are just some words that I can not spell - ever... like Hummous - like that could be right, but I have no idea. This can be an ongoing list of those words and a reminder to myself to not just give up on my spelling dreams... it's probably not too late to win my grade school spelling bee. right?

  • sandwich. sandwiche?
  • Nauseaus... I usually spell it so wrong spell check doesn't know wtf I'm attempting
  • Tomatoe/Tomato/Potato/Potatoe/I used to know how to spell these, before Dan Qualye/Quail
  • Hummous?

*if you get an email from me with lots of typos it's because I can't type, not because I can't spell. Also, I am too lazy to use punctuation or capital letters. usually.
Newest word shown in bold.

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