This is where I work

I'm just sayin. We're doing major construction right now. And there are air filters all over the building failing miserably at collecting all of the construction dust and so there are facilities people walking around dusting the cubes and nooks and crannies and they aren't using Swiffers (they aren't using Swifters either thankfully) so the dust is just flying all over. Just two days ago I dusted the cars on my desk- and by dusted I mean I took a can of compressed air and did not shake it before holding it upright to blow the dust off the cars and onto my keyboard- and today they were covered again when I got in to the office. Hmmph. I had to spend a good 5 minutes bitching about that. But besides dust we have to be aware of the Power Powder Actuated Tools and Lasers - but I should not worry because it's an "Injury Free Environment" - unfortunately it's not a headache free environment

special shoutout to KR for being able to read when clearly I cannot.

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