To Do

Here's my list - I gave it order so you I can see what I need to do. Why is it so short yet I feel so overwhelmed by it! I need to take charge of my to-do!

- clean out closet, hallway closet, hallway shelves, then...
- drop off stuff at Out of the Closet
- make Fla and TX photo albums
- oh maybe I'll think about a new paint color in the bathroom

- Go see Wall-E
- eat crabs, drink beers
- go to the post office
- go to the atm
- have ramen with Guy
- organize photos
--- make photo albums
--- decide which to print/frame and order them there totally were not any worth printing
- clean up desk (not as easy as those 3 little words would imply)
- make 2 returns
- go to Doctor's appt.
--- do not fill prescribed medications and instead research alternatives that do not involve prescription drugs. bah - nevermind. I just need to drink water.
- pack toys
- sell some books -- give away some books!
old news:
Update: It's Sunday and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished this week!
Update: It's Thursday. totally getting shit done.
Update: It's Wednesday and I did nothing today. Well I had lunch with Guy. that's TOTALLY something, but it's not on the list. oh - wait... look, it magically appeared!
Update: It's Tuesday and I cleaned the desk. yay.
Update: It's Monday and I didn't do anything on my list today but I realized that I also have Thursday since Guy isn't fortunate enough to have a 4 day weekend.

So I may be sitting on the couch right now and maybe I didn't do anything today and maybe I won't do anything tomorrow but starting Monday you better believe shit is getting done! I took next week off work just to get caught up on stuff at home - so that means I have Mon, Tue and Wed before the long holiday weekend where I won't do anything except eat and drink.

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