All I need is 20 ounces of burnt coffee and I'll be fine

Listening to these two women at the doctor's office, they have not stopped blabbing since I walked in---here's the deal-

One of em doesn't want to go to jury duty, the other tells her she could get out of it, surely it's a financial hardship, unless she has to show her tax returns and then she can't claim that.

The 41 olympic swimmer has a great body and dedication and two kids

She still doesn't wanna go to jury duty, it's still a hardship

Jury duty woman woke up at 9(gasping, literally) on saturday to see The Dark Knight - except she called it Batman -and it was sold out till Wednesday - discussion about Imax and disappointment and yes it's on lots of screens but only one Imax - don't worry they bought tickets for Wednesday

"It's like a cave in here"

"Who took my pen that has my name on it, I'm sure it wasn't you"
"It was probably me"
Shuffle papers, open drawers, shuffle crap, close drawers
"Where is my pen"

Whispering (probably about the cranky girl in the waiting room so rudely typing away with her thumbs instead of engaging in the Imax convo)

Now they've settled down and are quiet, yay, peace and quiet for my sleepy self - how do I get the worldwide no chitchat before 10am law put in place?

HEY- overly tanned guy in shorts, a tucked buttonup and flip flops got called before me! I should be called first just for having to endure nonsensical discussions, nevermind that I was actually here first.

Wow- I am really tired.

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