it's 3:30, do you know what your sprinklers are doing

woke around 2am, couldn't sleep and felt like typing in the dark while watching tv. next time need to remember the ramifications of the "Coke" aspect of Jack and Coke. And turkish coffee probably didn't help things either

2:53:30 AM I never did fully understand the X-Files
2:54:10 AM Scully’s hair looks a little fried, but her eyebrows look great
2:54:39 AM I wonder if the sprinklers always go off at 2;30am
2:57:15 AM If I want to beat anyone at Scrabulous I probably should not try and play now
2:58:07 AM Man, I don’t know, The Closer looks terrible
2:59:29 AM I agree with Andy on the whole push to talk thing
3:00:05 AM oh snap, it’s an X-Files marathon
3:01:50 AM that guy just pulled out his heart, ow
3:06:35 AM I turned down the volume so Guy wouldn’t wake up, but now I can’t hear it. Hmmph
3:08:06 AM another dude lost his heart
3:08:21 AM someone downstairs just made a loud crash and now the dog is barking. How do we sleep thru this every night?
3:09:15 AM the commercials are so random…. I kinda get RLS medication, but yogurt?
3:09:53 AM dog still barking
3:10:24 AM eharmony – that totally makes sense
3:10:36 AM I think someone is doing donuts down in the garage
3:10:57 AM the pedi egg is the most disgusting invention ever
3:14:39 AM seriously, what is going on in the garage
3:21:18 AM PGA – Tiger = don’t care
3:25:11 AM Saving Grace doesn’t look good either
3:25:55 AM oy, only 32% X-Files on Rotten Tomatoes, that’s too bad
3:26:26 AM wow, this episode is really boring. I wonder if it would be better if I could hear it
3:27:02 AM I really need to try and fall asleep

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