THIS is what Muzak should sound like!

So I had a dentist appointment that involved drilling and "cracking sounds" so I decided to listen to the sound of my music instead of the sound of teeth cracking. I put it on shuffle and below is what I was given... I don't know the names of any songs, just artists....oh and I gotta say this is a genius way to get through a dentist appointment - it wasn't so much the music, that was actually sort of a pain in the ass, since I had to keep asking him to repeat himself when he said anything, but it was a great distraction having to remember all the bands before I could type them out...

A Tribe Called Quest (awesome way to start)
Gossip (My new favorite)
Black Keys
Marcy Playground
The Hives (note to self, delete the Hives)
Arab strap
Jeremy Jay
Galaxie 500
Oasis (see The Hives above, unless it's Definitely Maybe)
Doves (booooring, sorry fans of Doves)
Converge (mmmm, I don't know... Andy suggested this one - better for when I am angry at work I think)
Kiss (oh - we're almost done and this is a perfect way to end, shutting down)

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