Yes, I take requests

KR asks me:

I don’t know how you feel about potty humor but I really think you need to take a picture of the flush the toilet completely signs in the bathroom and put it on your blog thing. Wondering if any other company has to tell their adult employees to please not leave their business hanging out for others to witness.

yes, I often wonder the same thing. And I have a feeling is the answer is "yes." People are just disgusting. I mean public bathrooms are sooo nasty when you think about it, which I, obviously, try not to. Anyone who wears their shoes inside their home (which we Vaughns do btw) is basically letting a stranger pee/poo/piss/shit in their bed. Think about it - you walk in the bathroom and there is always something nasty on the floor and you walk in it, then you walk in your house with your shoes on, then you walk in your house barefoot, picking up all the nastiest that your shoes left and then you get in bed with Joe Randumb's insides stuck to your feet and rubbing off on your sheets. gross.

We actually had a different problem at the office not so long ago that required a note that said something about discarding your feminine products in the bins provided and they didn't mean instead of the toilet, they meant instead of leaving it on the seat for the next person - this was actually happening A LOT at work - and it started suddenly, so I think it was being done maliciously by someone who was just mad at someone. gross.


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