2009 To Do List

ok, so I didn't exactly complete everything on my '08 to do list. But I did not do too bad either. So, I have a lot that needs to be done, might as well make a list for '09 right?
  • Finish the living room. (buy a chair, rug and do up the south wall)
  • Complete 4 classes (I've already signed up for 3, now I just need to take and finish them plus one more)
  • Photo Albums (need to do one per month)
  • Finish the dining room (get a new hutch dealy and west wall)
  • Start the bedroom (everything - if you want to donate anything let me know)
  • 12 new restaurants
  • 12 books (that sounds easy but it's been really difficult to get much read the last couple of years) (or I guess you could think that sounds really hard in which case I love you)
  • Find myself Los Angeles print or t-shirt (this is left over from my old list and I don't have any room for anymore t-shirts so I think it needs to be a print)
  • new tattoo.
  • not gain back any of the weight I lost, if you don't count the last two weeks of '08.
  • hydrate
It's kind of a daunting list actually. Will have to baby step it . No problem!

Before I die:
Have some will power and say no to things that I know are bad for me - it's a long slow process

Stop multitasking and just do things one at a time - I actually think I am making some improvements here

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