baby steps update

Update - ok it's been two months since I made my baby steps list. And one of my problems is that I do things for now. I have a hard time committing things to memory and actually acting on my goals. So, in other words, I made the list and forgot all about it. Let's recap the list and see if I got anything done.

Before Dec 31 2008
Finish the living room art project - CHECK! and I love the way it looks. Bought most of the items on Etsy and received one donation from a friend. thanks friend.

Go to the gym for 11 straight days - no. BUT. I am THINKING about going tomorrow.

Go 3 weeks without coffee (hah! only 4 more days and I am there!) - check. more or less. It's been like 3 months since I officially gave up coffee and have 2 -3 cups a week now. better!

Maintain or improve my current weight. (ok, obs I want that number to be lower. baby steps) - That's a CHECK motherfuckers! hah.

Before Sep 28 2009
Find an awesome Los Angeles TShirt or Print - hmmm.. man so glad that I gave myself a year for that one. It's not easy.

Get a new tattoo - working on some ideas and stashing away a dollar here and a dollar there so when the time comes it won't seem like a major expense.

Before I die
Have some will power and say no to things that I know are bad for me - it's a long slow process

Stop multitasking and just do things one at a time - I actually think I am making some improvements here

not too bad.

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