Target has its own definition of "well"

In case you can't read the sign it says "eat well, pay less" and in
case you can't see the food below it - hot dogs and some other frozen

Now. I try not to judge when I see people buying this stuff at grocery
stores and feeding it to their growing children, really I do. I mean
people have their reasons for doing what they do (and sincere
apologies if you happen to be feeding this stuff to your kids or your
selves) but Target suggesting that eating this food product nonsense
is eating "well" is totally ridiculous. I mean what in fuck's name
could they mean by well in this case? A LOT? "well" as in you're fat
and your gut is well off?

I'm just sayin. I don't like the sign.

Full disclosure. I eat hot dogs. I eat hot dogs at appropriate hot dog eating occasions (baseball games, holiday BBQs, with Bobby "likes hot dogs" Sherman.) I would never claim eating hot dogs is a good idea if you care about your health and eating "well."

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