This blog in peeves - you say I'm anal like it's a bad thing?

I was listening to Adam Carolla the other day and he was doing his This Week in Rage segment and it got me thinking about how some of the fabulous girls I work with have (half-jokingly?) requested a list of things I don't like. So I figured why the hell not. I actually started writing this today in meeting while some little weasely motherfucker was bugging me. Surprisingly, I couldn't really think of that many things. Email me if you can think of anything that I left off. (if you don't have my email address then you obviously don't know enough about me to suggest something for the list).

- Little paperclips. I can.not stand little paper clips. Unless they are on YOUR desk. YOU can use little paperclips all day long and I couldn't care less. I really don't mind the ones that are coated and colored but then what the fuck am I am gonna do with ONE little cute coated paperclip. No thanks. Use them to cheer up YOUR desk.

- Size Medium without a large or a small. - Note to restaurants worldwide - you CANNOT have a medium if you don't have a small and a large to go with it. We were at a place the other day and the person in front of me ordered a small and the cashier said "Our small is medium sized" - WHAT?? NO! impossible. If you only have two sizes they are small and large. If you have three sizes they are not medium, large and extra large (and BTW no one needs to be ordering an extra large ANYTHING)

- People that judge others for being "different" - ok, this was the one that drove me over the edge with weasely guy. He works in a creative environment and is talking about someone we work with and how she has a screw loose and she's "definitely different" snicker snicker chuckle chuckle. I just replied with "Thank God" - I mean if you're going to judge at least save it for something worthwhile. So that was just a vent, not really a peeve. Thanks for indulging.

- 20 different fonts or styles in one email. Ok, sometimes shit gets fucked up in the whole Rich Text to HTML to whatever email conversion, but in general, your emails should be one font, same size. OH - and no overuse of italics and underlining or "emphasizing" words with quotes. Especially professional emails for crying out loud. I'm also not a huge fan of daily quotes in your signature but it's not enough to make the peeve list. Oh wait. I guess it just did. how 'bout that.

- People that walk into a room and ask "are we having fun yet" - same weasel, different day.

- Not being observant enough to know how to correctly spell the name of the people you work with every single day. Like if you HAPPEN to work with a Kristen AND a Kirstin don't call them both Kirsten or Kristin. Pay attention. Really is that too much to ask? It's a matter of respect really. OH and I don't work for Mattle. Or Hotwheels. and I don't work with Warners Brothers. I work for Hot Wheels at Mattel with Warner Bros. Fucking hell, Joe Regis would be proud. Oh and Sheila is Sheila, NOT Shelia (every single time Shelia?).

- Random work things that are purely for the girls I work with - per their request ;)
---clean out your keyboards - don't leave evidence of your lunch for the next person who has to use your keyboard
---make sure your papers are stacked all together before you staple - don't staple shit all out of whack.
--- be on time. to meetings. with deadlines. be on time.
--- have fun, don't take shit too seriously or personally.

- Mail. I hate mail. Man, I do not ever need to walk to the mailbox again. I would so be down with just a weekly mail delivery.

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