Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Lately I feel like I'm always waiting for something. A friend that is late. A friend that goes to a totally different place entirely so is really late. Lunch.

Right now I'm waiting for a doctor. I was early but she's late. What's crazy is that she's doing a c-section that as of 2:45 had not started yet and they said she would be here by 3:30 which is just crazy to me. I guess they don't take very long?

In a couple of hours I will be waiting for my chiropractor.

I really think one of the best ways to show you respect someone is to show up on time. Yeh yeh we're all busy and maybe there was some random act of nature or unusually bad accident that made you late but in general you should know how long a drive will take (assume there's traffic) or how long the shuttle will take from one building to another or what time you'll need to feed the dog.

I am ridiculously far from perfect but you can count on me to be on time. Sometimes I even TRY to be late and I still seem to get places early. Maybe there's some universal understanding that says when it's acceptable to be late and I just didn't get that email? I think the only time is when there is a party and you don't care about finding a seat. I happen to dislike parties so I like to get places early enough to find a good seat for the whole night. Just another example of my laziness I guess.

Yeh right now I'm just killing time and exercising my thumbs while I watch my BlackBerry fill up with emails I can't do anything about.

Speaking of being far from perfect I am really tired of narcissisists. Get over yourself. When you have to constantly tell the world how hip or cool or hot you are it just reminds everyone that you're not.

I don't know what song is playing on the Muzak but I kind of like it. It's some weird artist that has probably performed on the View but it was kind of catchy.

Now it's Madonna on the Muzak, there's a Kabbalah center down the street from my dr's office do you think Madonna is there right now?

Once I had a gyno appt (annually, get over it) and the dr had to rush TO a c-section and I didn't like that so much either.


Michael Jackson telling me it don't matter if I'm black or white. Thanks Mike.

Don't know this song but this guy loves me just the way I am.

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