Baby Steps

Everywhere I click lately it seems that people are making lists about all the ways they are going to improve themselves - maybe that fucking terrible movie (not that I saw it) The Bucket List got people to thinking...maybe I just happen to be clicking on lots of pre-midlife crisis blogs... maybe it's the screwed up state of our country and the uncertainty of where we are going to be depositing our pay/unemployment checks. Whatever the hell it is it inspired me as much as I can be inspired lately. Some lists are before I die lists, some are before I turn ____ age. But I need little goals.

I actually started writing this two weeks and was hoping to come up with some more, but I've never been won those people with "goals" - like I said, baby steps.

Before Dec 31 2008
Finish the living room art project
Go to the gym for 11 straight days
Go 3 weeks without coffee (hah! only 4 more days and I am there!)
Maintain or improve my current weight. (ok, obs I want that number to be lower. baby steps)

Before Sep 28 2009
Find an awesome Los Angeles TShirt or Print
Get a new tattoo

Before I die
Have some will power and say no to things that I know are bad for me
Stop multitasking and just do things one at a time

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