Playlist, Shuffle all, from Chicago to LA

I have decided this is a good activity when I need to kill time and don't have the mental capacity for things like reading. Man, I am tired.

The Buzzcocks - Oh Shit

(Huh, maybe not a great song for a flight. Man it's loud at this seat. I need better headphones)

Holly Golightly - So Far Up There

The Flaming Lips - Superhumans

(Why does it smell like dog food on this plane?)

The Rolling Stones - Lies

The Flaming Lips - The

(Srsly, already with another FLips song)

AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm

The War on Drugs - Coast Reprise

Thee Headcoats - Beach Bums Must Die

Pixies - No. 13 Baby

Mercury Rev - Hudson Lines

Dengue Fever - Laugh Track

Dead Kennedys - Saturday Night Holocaust

!!! - Infinifold

Swans - We'll Fall Apart

Outkast - Speakerboxx: War

BRMC - Heart + Soul

Queens of the Stone Age - Tension Head

Reatards - Make It Fit

Groove Armada - Madder

(The movie they are showing is Speed Racer, not a good movie and a really bad movie on a 13" screen where you can't appreciate the colors)

KMFDM - Achtung!

Reatards - I Want Sex

(Repeats so far, Flaming Lips, Reatards. Not too bad- Dirtbombs is probably coming up)

I shit you not, I did not make this up:
The Dirtbombs - Fire in the Western World

The Chieftains - The Foggy Dew

Swans - Failure

Stereophonics - Just Looking

Jeremy Jay - A Place Where We Could Go

MC5 - Miss X

Holly Golightly - Lifering

(Um, ok big, hairy guy is totally infringing on my space.)

Bongwater - Great Radio

Holly Golightly - Too Late Now

Patsy Cline - Faded Love

T.Rex - The Motivator

AC/DC - Walk All Over You

I'm gonna read now.

I'm back

Mudhoney - This Gift

(Man, my back is killing me, big hairy arm guy is all up in my space and it's making me sit all funky)

(They are passing out water, I recently read that airplane water is some funky recycled nonsense, gross-and they're just pouring it into people's existing cups, rim of the water bottle picking up airplane mouth nastiness from the cup rims! Yuck)

Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow

The Who - Guitar and Pen

Jeremy Jay - Lunar Camel

The White Stripes - Go

(Ok so it's 1:08 pacific time, I thought Guy said I got in at 3 but that just can't be - 2 more hours on this plane, fuuuuuuuuck, my itinerary is in the overhead, sometimes being trapped in the window seat sucks, maybe I should start sitting in aisle seats)

Spiritualized - Good Night Goodnight

Bratmobile - Some Special

68 Comeback - Little Pig

David Bowie - It Ain't Easy

The Gories - Telepathic

Gonna read some, totally bored.


Home now.

Proof reading did not happen.

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