Day 0

9/21 Sunday

Tomorrow I start a detox thingy that is GOING to last 3-weeks (or 21 days, or 504 hours, or 30,240 minutes, or if you like really unachievable goals it’s 1,814,400 seconds – I do love the internet). I say GOING to last because damnit I am totally going to get through this. In the grand scheme of life 3 weeks is soooo nothing. It’s going to be tough – no caffeine, sugar, wheat… it’s really just a super healthy way of eating that I should be doing anyway along with some probably really nasty tasting drink that has all of the vitamins I am not getting because all I ever eat is coffee, sugar and wheat. (yes, I consider coffee a food). Hmmph.

In the spirit of a good kick-off I HAD to go out with a bang, so today I had a huge coffee along with a donut and then a very small serving of a very salty chinese fast food dish accompanied by a super tasty carbonated and caffeinated soda. I think we’re having skirt steak for dinner along with some yummy wine and finishing up with some dark chocolate. So basically, every single thing I have eaten today will be off limits for the next almost two million seconds. Easy! Right.

A quick list of things in my diet that I can’t eat:
Red Meat (only during week 2 do I have to stop all meats)
Eggs, dairy
Things with added Sugars. Bah.

Piece of (sugar-free) cake!

oy, I just realized Guy is going to be out of town for most of week 2, really smart planning on his part. I'll have to work extra hard to find things I like and can prepare myself that aren't frozen mac and cheese dinners!

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