Day 2

Detox Day 2 9/23 Tuesday 1 drink, 1 headache
Today was not an easy day. The Headache set it around 10:30, 11-ish. The insanity that is my Inbox was also out.of.fucking.control and it just made for a rough day. I really need to be drinking more water. I want a cup of coffee so so bad I can hardly stand it. I think approaching this whole “detox” thing as a challenge to myself was totally the way to go. Only 19 days left. (and really, I’m not going the whole 21 days because we’re going camping the last 3 days of it, but I don’t need to admit right now that I am already giving up, do I? no.)

THE Drink
Steamed veggies (the worst steamed veggies EVER btw – do not, I repeat, do not get the steamed veggies from the El Segundo Whole Foods. Terrible)
Brown rice
Chicken breast
Lettuce and cucumbers
Sliced turkey

I’ve been in bed since 7:15. It’s 7:55 and really just want to go to sleep.

AND I was just reading another random blog and it was all about how the author isn’t going to be so negative or judgmental and is going to try and focus on the positive things in life. At least I think that’s what it is about, I didn’t actually read it.

Can’t believe it’s only day 2. Feels like a week.

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