April 16 last blog post! shoot man. That's a lot of days in between words. Have I talked about how life is passing me by? I mean, shit, it's almost the end of April. Where are the minutes going.

Didn't I make a 2009 to-do list at the beginning of the year? Maybe if I go and find that posting it will motivate me to get off my lazy ass and do something...

things I am working on right now:
Trying to stay motivated and focused at work
Breaking in my new computer. I love it. yay.
Watching the beginning of the baseball season
Trying not to eat meat
Getting my new tattoo (3 hours every 3 weeks for the last 9 weeks! 1 more hour and it will be done!)
Hockey playoffs
Cleaning out closets and bookcases
Staring at the stack of books I need (and want) to read
Jewelry making class
Going to Arizona
Thinking about Grand Cayman (maybe over Thanksgiving??)
Not wearing shoes in the house
Studying food

What I need to be working on

Maybe if my next tattoo is a Nike Swoosh I will remember to just do it.

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