Just a normal Sunday...

Do you ever have those days when you wake up all in a good mood - happy that the sudden head cold that kept you in bed the day before was mostly gone. And you go out and you have a nice breakfast and then have a nice walk around the farmers market and pick up some delicious tomatoes, persian cucumbers, berries that actually have flavor as opposed to the ones you buy at like Ralphs, and avocados. And somewhere between berries and getting to the car your mood takes a total nose dive. You want to throw the berries at that bratty screaming kid's mother (but you can't because they're $$organic$$) and then you want to take the car keys from your husband because he's driving the speed limit and then you get home and want to set the condo on fire because it smells like yesterday's food (the food that husband went out to get TWICE because you were couch-ridden and high on Nyquil). And then you remember your return to Macy's and get kind of happy because you don't have to stay in the stinky apartment and watch hockey playoffs (even though usually you really like hockey).

So... you go make the return without any problems, then you go to the MAC store to buy some software and they really make it very easy - but you do feel sorry for the really ginormous Apple guy who is wearing a shirt that says "No Pain, All Gain" - and then the software makes the Macy's security alarm go off on the way back to the car - and the perfume counter woman wants to strip search you for making the alarm go off as you are walking INTO the store and you're like thisclose to punching her but the stench of her perfume knocks you back 5 feet so you just keep walking as she stands all appalled and entitled. And then you go to Robeks and it smells like vomit.

And then you go home and install new software and you don't read the instructions and you fuck it all up. And you look around at all the shit you need to do. And you get mad at yourself for not doing any of it. And then you feel bad for getting mad at yourself. And then you update your Facebook status. And then you Tweet. And then you see if anyone commented on you FB page. And then you read a really sweet email from your husband. And then you feel like an asshole for being such an asshole. So then you get mad at yourself for being a procrastinating asshole. Then basically your Sunday is over and you write a blog about it. And you wonder why the backlight feature on the keyboard isn't coming on. And you figure it must be karma because instead of enjoying the day you wasted it thinking about you should be enjoying it.

Neither do I.

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