I have love in my heart - oh nevermind, let's talk Bumpits!

I was all set to write something and I got SERIOUSLY distracted by a commercial on the MTV - so more on the original thought in a second.

So - here I sit on a Wednesday night, not watching the hockey playoffs, not watching Dodgers vs Giants, but watching Real World / Road Rules Challenge The Duel 2 (don't hate) and it's awesome. Awesome in that really fucking terrible and deserves an entire post on it's own kind of way - but what really distracted me was a commercial for Bumpits. Now, myabe you already knew about this amazing new invention but I JUST found out that Flat Hair was so last year! Well - now that I know I can do something about it - We can go from flat to fabulous with Bumpits! I just can't put into words the emotions that are being stirred by realizing that FINALLY I don't have to have flat hair! I can buy this $7 piece of plastic to give my hair that "Hollywood" look - fuck man, I knew that I didn't really have a "traditional" look or style but I have lived within 30 miles of Hollywood for my entire life and just had no idea that getting that "trendy Hollywood look" could be so EASY!

I'm just bummed that my birthday has passed and I can't ask for these! What is really funny is that I am pretty sure one of the girls on the show was wearing one during her interview!

You will have to wait to hear what I was gunna write about. I can't get my mind off of Bumpits!

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