random thoughts on a Monday evening

Just some random thoughts -- these are the things that go through my head while I am doing laundry, cleaning out some drawers and watching baseball...

REALLY? You're gunna leave the starter in the first game of the season into the 6th inning? Deuces are wild. two on, two out, Padres down by two. AND that was thisclose to being a homerun. Foul. Damnit Joe.

Do you still need to turn jeans inside out if they are already faded?

I have a lot of tights. You know what I never wear? Tights.

Awesome. Ball 4. Bases loaded.

ok. still 3-1.

Gotta look for tickets to this week's Diamondbacks game

Is Supercuts serious with these commercials?

yay - 4-1

ok - tickets to Dodgers vs Diamondbacks in Arizona purchased. yay. I've never been to their stadium and am looking forward to it, have always wanted to go there. I wonder if they have Rubber Ducks?

ok, so I had to look up with the field was called, I would TOTALLY judge someone for not knowing what the place they just said they always wanted to go was named - but I think it's changed names a few times... like didn't it used to Bank One? They called it The BOB right?

wow - largest crown in Petco Park history. That's pretty sweet. I hope Peavy loses. And cries.

Getting anxious in the bottom of the 8th.

I wash EVERYTHING in cold.

Are all of the Dodgers spray tanning or is the color on this TV going?

Thank God Vin is back - Vinisms make me happy. "once in a while with contacts, they'll pop out of the eye...hmmm... tough enough game" --- seriously he's been talking about contacts for this entire at-bat. Kemp apparently got a new pair. He drew a walk with those new contacts. I guess he can actually SEE the ball better.

ok - I'm sure this is total karmic retribution - I have a new favorite shirt - it's nothing fancy, just a cotton shirt from H&M, but I like it. A lot. I just washed and dried it with a big oily stain on the front. hmmph.

turned on Baseball tonight - it's not short STOP. It's Short Stop. thanks.

Of course, I would like the Dodgers to win AT LEAST 99 more games - but I will be happy knowing that the Dodgers beat Peavy at home on opening day in front of the largest crowd ever at Where The Pets Go park.

I just read this in a prediction about the Dodgers upcoming season: "All of the youngsters are one year older" ----- uh. right. I would hope so.

Pres- ti - gious or Press-tee-gious? I say Press - tee - gious. This CBS guy does not.

Doing Laundry SUCKS. Ruining new favorite shirts totally sucks. Dinner is gonna rule. Guy makes THE BEST salmon.

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