Deuces are wild.

Deuce’s are wild and I am fairly certain I have come down with Guy’s cold. And it feels like it skipped “cold” status and went directly to sinus infection. But - we hope not.

So, since I am just sitting here (starving and unable to breathe) I might as well talk about some baseball. Here are some random thoughts and Vin-isms that start at the top of the 2nd inning and will last until I pass out or Guy gets home with requested thai food, whichever comes first.

Man. I can’t breathe. Did I mention that? Like in my lungs I can’t breathe. Not in my nose. Although that area is blocked. I can’t even imagine how annoying and scary having asthma would be

Dodgers are up 2-1 and it feels like this could be a long night

Vin: “another name that’s been bandied about, to use that word”

Just noticed cat vomit in the hall - wonder how long it’s been there. Left it there.

Feeling so lazy and ill almost tempted to do one of those annoying Facebook quizzes that keep populating my page. Almost.

Oh - Manny caught an almost home run.

Made a joke on twitter about a Vin Scully drinking game - I bet one exists - gonna go look

oh - let’s also be 12: He said “Deep”

Damn, Manny just (accidentally) knocked the catcher’s mask off with his bat (but, like Vin said, he turned and said “I’m sorry”)

Just tried to put the sparkling water bottle away in the dishes cabinet, only realized it because it was too tall - was distracted with the realization that I only ate half my grapefruit and left the rest to spoil - but at one point I did take the eaten part of the grapefruit and set it down right next to the untouched half.

Just misspelled grapefruit as rapefruit and it has inspired an idea for a piece of art - unfortunately I got no skills. You can have it.

Can’t find a Vin Scully drinking game. Shocked.

Vin: “...nineteen hundred and five; where’d all those years go” --- baseball, Vin, baseball . (I’m almost positive he said “oh-five” but he was talking about Pepsi Park or whateverthefuck it’s called, so I think he means NINETY-five... could have just heard him wrong)

Bummer - Loney is out at 2nd.

MIke Rowe has a nice voice - Ford thinks so too.

I find this “cows the size of schnauzers” commercial for Jack n the Box mini burgers EXTREMELY disturbing - but the song is kind of catchy. Conflicted.

Almost just accused Vin of mis-pronouncing a players’ name - thankfully did not. would have been wrong.

Hey - great a 4-ball walk to the Rockies lead-off hitter with Helton up next. (and by great, I mean NOT GREAT!)

Runners at first and second. No outs. Gunna be a long game.

Not sure if I spelled Helton correctly. Not gunna look it up. I’m living on the edge.

Game is tied.

I’m a little bummed that I don’t know keyboard shortcuts yet on my new computer. But I absolutely love the keyboard. So nice to type on.

Jack in the Box song still stuck in my head

I don’t know - it seems like this homeplate umpire might be watching a different game.

111 pitches in 2-2/3 innings. Thanks for the update, Vin!

thank God for local commercials - first KIA Carson, now AC/DC at the Honda Center. I really feel like I am connecting with the community.

I think Vin might have a crush on Casey Blake.

Vin is talking about Nietzsche.

Vin: “It’s hand-blowing time... the pitchers were told they could go to the mouth... it doesn’t feel that cold unless you have to hold on to something and throw it accurately”

Me thinks husband should not post things on Twitter like: “sure I'll take a glass of wine while I wait for my Thai food.” unless he follows it with something like “before I hurry home to get to my wife who I made sick”

I wonder why Seattle tolerates “Seattle’s Best Coffee”? did they get to vote. Somehow I doubt it is the best.

ETHIER - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Damnit. Vin said it all: “He came up with a glove full of empty” --- outs are not easy to come by in this game

Vin is predicting a bunt

Vin was right.


“get it up to the meat”

Vin: “safety first”


Rockies are in the lead - see comment above and thank Ethier

Guy’s home - food is here!

It's tied.

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