I'm not gonna feel bad about it

A few months ago I signed up for a jewelry-making class. A really long jewelry class. Like 16 weeks long. Like 5 hours a week long. Like 5 hours every Saturday for 16 weeks long. I, admittedly, went into it HOPING that I would be able to make it through the whole session but secretly a little afraid I would not be able to finish it. Because if you know me, you know I sign up for classes and don't finish them. I get busy. I get lazy. I tend to sign up when I have had a few days or weeks of downtime and am feeling like I need to get active, motivated and train my brain something new. So imagine how completely and totally stoked I was when after the first couple of classes I was totally in love with it. Really liked the teacher, actually spoke to a couple of people in the class and they seemed decent enough, even had things in common *gasp* with them. I enthusiastically bought my tool box and filled it with supplies and eagerly started on the first assignment.

Then I started to find things wrong with the class. Not enough direction. Not enough structure. I didn't get to use the sandblaster. EVERY Saturday is a lot of Saturdays. Then I went out of town and missed a class. Then I couldn't come up with a design for the second project. Then I went out of town again. Then it was Easter weekend and there was no class. Then I got a cold (not THAT cold, just A cold) and missed a class. Now I am behind but honestly it doesn't matter a whole lot because I know the instructor would work with me to catch up on everything I missed. He would sit down and show me exactly what to do, no matter how many hours it took. And you know what? I really hate that about the class. I hate that there is a line of 5 people needing to buy silver, or ask a question that is really important to their project, or be shown how to use the sandblaster (it's soooo cool) and they would have to wait for me because I missed the classes that they were able to make it to.


I'm not going back. The class, while I enjoyed it at first, wasn't teaching me exactly, or even kind of, what I wanted to learn. It was interesting - just not right for me. I need to find a more basic class. One that shows me what I want, and a little more, without needing a garage full of expensive tools to use what I have learned. I don't even have even a little desire to make jewelry, I was just hoping to learn some skills - like soldering. Guy can probably teach me that, right? So, I'm not gonna feel bad about flaking on the class - it wasn't right for me. And now I have my Saturdays back to do none of the other things I want to be doing.

5/1 - update. I just went into my calendar and saw the weekly appointment and decided to leave it there so that I am forced to look at it and punish myself for the next 8 weeks.

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