you know how when you go to Target and you're walking down the aisles past the clothes even though you only need soap and contact solution and it would be easier to just go directly to that part of the store since it's closer to the door and you think to yourself "maybe if I get new yoga pants I'll go to yoga" and so you duck into into the exercise clothes department - but Target is really close to work, and you did run into a coworker once and they saw you coming out of a section that you didn't want anyone to see you going into, so you hope no one sees you going through the exercise clothes section at Target because then you're admitting that you're the flawed person with ratty yoga pants instead of the badass that you want most people to think you are so that they are too scared to ask you how to fix the printer and you don't know if you're an M or an L and no way in Hell are you going to actually try yoga pants on at Target (ew) and you can't find anything so you think to yourself "I already have X number of yoga pants, I don't need to waste money on new ones, I just need to go to yoga with the pants I already have."


I feel like I just had that thought about the blahg. Like. If I redo the page, change the colors, change the header, get a better font, maybe it will inspire me to write here more often.

But that's stupid. It's good enough the way it is for the purpose it serves. Actually I should just remove all images and formatting because, hello, you should be using an RSS feed dealy anyway. I like Google Reader.

4/29 - update: for the record my yoga pants are not "ratty" they're just not sparkling and new and motivating.


awildermode said...

one run on sentence after another now i have something to do when i am at work and something better to do the next time i am at target wow it is pretty hard to write without using punctuations how do you do it

me said...

it is really easy actually.