Still? Really? Things that make me say "Still? Really?"

Apologies in advance if you support these things in any way. This is my list - you can make your own list and put Crow tattoos in position numero one.

Things I think are sort of tired and don't really need to see/hear/smell anymore....

  • Smoking. sorry to any friends that smoke. It doesn't bother me when you do it. Only when randoms are reeky
  • seeing the rendering of a proposed NFL stadium in LA and/or listening to people debate about it. How many years do we need to do this... get your shit together, figure it out. Everyone knows that there needs to be a team here and I don't care where they play cause I'm probably never gonna go - and I don't care if it's a relocated team or a new team cause they're gonna suck anyway like all other LA teams (except the Lakers). So just make it happen so we can stop being a Raiders city staring lovingly at renderings. booyah.
  • "staycations" --- for fuck's suck. why does something need a name before people think it's a good idea.
  • complaining about real estate and gas prices. yeh - we know. they suck
  • Pepsi
  • U2 - I just read they have a new album this year... seriously? wasn't it just like 6 months ago that we had to see their mugs everywhere and hear the hype about the stupid ipod...So basically we're gonna go from the overplayed Coldplay (see below) ipod commericial to another U2 commercial. ARGH. yay for TiVo. And remotes so I can change the channel.
  • midriffs - unless you're 12.
  • belly button piercings
  • white shoes - duh. white pants are a close second
  • The Sundays/Coldplay. Are you happy Chris Martin - you are now on par with the Sundays in my head! Sure, you're probaby not on Muzak yet - but it's only a matter of time before a last minute and only in extreme desperation induced trip to my local drugstore forces me to hear one of your ear piercing songs. (Sundays heard 6/18 11:35 am Bed Bath and Beyond, Sepulveda)

this is an ongoing list - updates will be in bold.

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