Dust 1, Cindy 0

So I think I've mentioned that I work in a construction zone one or 20 times by now. And... if you've come around my desk while I was bitching about the dust or the smells then, well, you know how I feel. Today I lost it. I went to bed with a CRAZY itchy pair of eyes and woke up with my right eye super swollen. I thought I had picked up pink eye from the gym (4 days this week thankyouverymuch) and was about to let that be my excuse for never going back. Was able to squeeze in to see the eye doctor though and she asked if I have been around any environmental changes, when I mentioned the construction she said that she had treated someone else from my building yesterday. Three eye drops prescriptions, a recommendation to not wear my contacts to work until construction is done (6 months, a year?) and a lost hour from the office later I'm really aggravated....

I went and gave the only 4 people that should care a piece of my swollen-eyed mind and yeh, I don't know if they really cared, but I think they should. This sucks ass. I wonder if I can expense the $45 office visit and $25 eye drops. I love my job, but for fuck's sake, a girl with allergies can really only take so much y'know.

thanks for listening. I have to go and google "ways to win at pictionary when you're playing against actual artists"

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