Where was that to-do list?

Didn't I make a to-do list a while back? Man, that was a motivated week. I've totally regressed.
I am just so tired lately. I know that the people say it's myth that you can't really catch up on sleep but I really feel like 15 straight hours of REM sleep would be exactly what I need.

I need to go find my to-do list and find some motivation.

Man, my back hurts lately. I went to the gym 4 days in a row and then 4 days of back pain. Monday, I'm going back. Really. If I am going to look anything like Joan Jett in 15 years (and not 14 thank you very much) I really need to get cracking.

Work is wearing me out. Next few weeks are going to be interesting. And in two weeks I'm leaving for a week - man, that was a terrible idea. It'll be fun. Stressful though to be gone a week.

This will be a good weekend, Imax, Pool party, Gangi (maybe), and a new edition to the Vaughn household on trial. Should be interesting. And exhausting. Is 6:20 too early for dinner?

I put two holes in my new favorite t-shirt today. Bummer.

this Family Guy episode I am watching is kinda lame.

Joan Jett doesn't have a great website.

But she puts on an awesome show!


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