From 10am to 4:30pm

Thoughts while running errands on a Friday

Holy shit- I am easily impressed with technology BUT the new parking system at Century City is awesome!

I wonder why container store would open at 9 when the other stores don't open till 10

Clearly the employees wonder why they open at 10 also. I appreciate a loose atmosphere but when you're open to the public stop acting like fools.

I always wondered how you can have a medium and not have a small. Medium, large and xlarge doesn't make sense to me

McCain picked a woman? Odd. He's a fool

Man, there's a lot of traffic on Santa Monica bl.

Uhhh why would the Sex and the city book be in the Sociology section?

Last year I got the girls a book called something like What Your Poop is Telling You and I just saw that now they have poop journals and page a day calendars, funny, but maybe poop overkill?

Man, I've been looking for a houndstooth pencil skirt forEVER. Thought I spotted one, it was a jacket

Getting hungry, on my way to breakfast, I've done a lot already today.

Quote o t day: this is how I know I am close to 40, I like the coldplay album

Breakfast w the girls was nice - good to see them. My eggs were cold tho

At the hair salon. Should I read Entertainment Weekly or should I save that one for the plane ride tomorrow?

NOT the quote of the day: "I love your mustache, it's so rad"

I always am terrified that a natural or unnatural disaster will hit Abbott Kinney while I have foils in my hair

Reading entertainment weekly and waiting for a natural disaster - page 47, I really don't like Debra Messing very much. P 50-Hamlet 2? What was Hamlet 1? Desperate Housewives skips ahead 5 years? Dumb

Getting sleepy sitting here.

These flip-flops are kinda hurting my feet. I was planning on wearing them all next week, might have to rethink that plan

On my way home. Lots of brown in my hair - the girl said "call me if you feel like an anchor woman"

Fantastic then.

No more errands! Fun time!

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