Hot Wheels Road Trip night 1!

It's actually almost 2 weeks into the Road Trip but I am just now joining, so it's day 1 for me.

today was a travel day, - we had a lot of luck with the flights being on time! Only on the one hour ride from Chicago to Detroit did I have to deal with OUT OF CONTROL children and hairy-arm guy... Got to the hotel and went out for dinner - a lot of places are closed on Sundays here so we ended up Chelio's - Chris Chelios' Chili place. Food was ok... nothing great. mmm fried chicken. it was sweet!?!

The girls talking about techonology

He's not amused with me.

I am totally amused with me.
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me and a tired Hladek.
One of the collectors, Joe, came out for a beer.
good night now!

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