is 50% humidity high and other randomness___

Being from LA I tend to have no clue what "weather" is like. Was just checking the weather in Detroit and Watkins Glen and the humidity (which apparently is what I need to be concerned with) ranges from 37 to 70%. I would imagine 70 gets pretty sweaty, but lower than that I really don't know.

It makes me want to pack three outfits per day. The flaw in that scenario is that I am refusing to check a bag for this trip. Now, if you've ever gone anywhere further than Pomona with me you know what a true challenge this is going to be. I have what I consider to be my minimum amount of clothes ready for the suitcase and after dinner I will try to shove it all in. Plus I have my backpack (with laptop, book, etc) AND I have my purse with a camera, a Zune, two BlackBerry's (don't hate) and a wallet. I will do this. I am totally, completely confident that this will happen. I even researched the most efficient packing methods and will probably be up until dawn trying them all out.

We're going to have sushi right now. yum. Except I am kind of craving mexican food. But I've been cryin' for weeks about how I had to have sushi. Sushi is totally the right choice. Especially since the chiro is making me keep a food diary (and by making me, I mean he suggested it).

Oh and (of course) Guy is good at Pictionary. It's been proven with two different partners now. I'm not sooo bad at guessing but I am terrible at drawing. Last night I got "cheese grater" and after the minute was up and I told my partner (and fabulous hostess) what the word was she said "So, why didn't you draw a cheese grater" - yeh, I dunno, next time I'll try using that strategy in the game.

Hey, check it out, the Dodgers were winning, and can you believe it's tied now? shocking.

Plane takes off at 8:30 in the morning... fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!

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