Countdown to Road Trip


Leaving with SASTC in a few days for Detroit and then driving to NY. It's all work but I think we'll have a good time... Especially on the drive to NY, it will only take a few hours but I have high expectations for those hours - I should go online and see if there is anything we can stop and be goofy at - like world's biggest cupcake display or something. BETTER YET! You should look it up for me and let me know!

[note to self - print itinerary and directions to all stops!]

So much to do before we leave, feeling a little overwhelmed. Saturday's plans got postponed which is probably a good thing.

Cause I like to make lists:
Pedicure - nope. no time. it's ok though. It was a nice to have, not a have to have
Hair Salon yes. lots of brown!
Breakfast with the girls good company, cold eggs
Pack (7 days worth of clothes into a carry-on. yikes) have the clothes laid out, we'll see if they fit into the carry-on!
Wireless card thanks to BS and AL for the loan
Clean out my email had to go in on Saturday to do it but it's done!
File everything I got behind on filing this week CHECK!
Finish unpacking my desk CHECK!
Chiropractor crack check!
Not stress - minor success.
Charge camera
Play with new kitten - ongoing
Play with old cats - boring
Quality time with husband. - not enough!
Set DVR (living room) and TiVo (bedroom) for all the new shows that will start next week (yes, I do it in both rooms. I like options)
Update the Zune (that damn software crashes my computer)
Buy an airplane book. Black Dahlia book recommendation from AL
Email this list to my phone so that I can have it on me!
Make some lists, check them twice, forget something. already remembered two things I forgot, luckily I already forgot them again

Once we get there:
Yell at JB from BS on behalf of HW.
Baseball game with the Mulligans - Tigers v Angels - GO TIGERS!
Look for world's biggest cupcake display
Wine taste
Time with boss, friends and others at the HW event.
Meet MM's dad MM.
work. hmmph.
Post lots of pics to blog and FB. I can never decide which to send where...

Time for Project RunwaySUSHI!!

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