Birthday countdown. 14 days.

So why are birthdays important? Why do I LOVE birthdays instead of dreading them and the aging that comes along with them like most sane people? Well first, I'm not a whole lotta sane, I'm having an email exchange with a friend right now that totally proves THAT(hah)!!!

But mostly, it's that I feel like we should really appreciate and celebrate our time here. I mean how many people do we know that have gotten sick, passed away, lost someone. Sure, some days suck more than others. Some days suck a LOT more than others. But fucking hell I have made it almost 36 years through wars, earthquakes, Republicans, and West Nile virus. You better believe I am going to celebrate that! Sure, aging sucks. The fact that at 35 I have started using a heating pad on my neck and shoulders every night before bed is bumming me out but all things considered I have lots of reasons to justify eating that birthday chocolate flourless cake.

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