Birthday. I win!

Many days ago I posted a list of chocolate things that I like and would like to receive!

So far I've gotten four! That is so awesome!!

Chocolate cupcake paired with Tina's box cake with homemade buttercream frosting made without egg. - Thanks Tina! two-for-one!! (although in all honesty I knew I was getting them when I made that post)

See's Bordeaux bars (mmmmmm) - a whole freaking box of them! Thanks Liz!! that was very special!

Reese's Peanut Butter cups - an entire tree of Reese's Peanut Butter cups!! Thanks Bryan - that was a huge and appreciated surprise!!

Here is the rest of the list and I will probably have one or two of the top two this weekend in Palm Springs -- all is right in the world
Flourless chocolate
Chocolate lava cake
Chocolate silk pie
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate souffle
New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream
Junior's chocolate fantasy
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Caramels
Chocolate Ice Cream with hot fudge
Costco carrot cake.

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