Birthday countdown - 11 days!

One of the reasons I love my birthday is because I generally surround myself with super fun and awesome people. They make celebrating really exciting and special. Even if it's just with some homemade cupcakes or a lunch during work, I genuinely feel the love. I say "just" but fucking hell those are some good cupcakes. We're having them next Thursday at 3 if you would like to come over down to El Segundo and watch us eat them.

AND - throughout the year they constantly make me laugh. So, I have a few friends at work* that read the blog regularly (hey-thanks!) and since I am realizing how hard it is to stick to my commitment of a birthday blog post everyday I asked them if they had any birthday blog suggestions. Here is what they came back with:

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Ooh, chocolate

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Write about how cool it is that you have neat friends that care soooo much that they have put reminders in their own calendars starting next Monday counting down your birthday. So they don’t forget to acknowledge it each day.. Not that I would forget of course..its a just in case kinda thing.. Go ahead. Look in my calendar.

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I was thinkin "ooh sex and booze" LOL
Somethin for everyone there ya go!

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and you could always write about the upcoming homemade custom cupcake order you’ll be getting on Thur

See. They're funny. And Fun. And sex-crazed boozehounds. Except KC who wants chocolate. I wouldn't want to celebrate a birthday without any of them (the people. Oh and the suggestions.)

Thanks Friends. I would dedicate this post to you but it's not your birthday, it's mine. See you next Thursday at 3!

*they are friends that I work with, not work friends. Figure it out.

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