A few more words about 500 Days of Summer

Some things I meant to say in my "review" and totally forgot because I was too busy being out of focus.

1) Here is a really cool guide to the locations visited in the movie.

LAist Map of the Day: The Landmarks of 500 Days of Summer

2) At the Century City showing we saw what is possibly the saddest movie trailer in the history of movie trailers. I do not cry at movies. I hardly cry at all. That would require a heart. And emotions. ANYWAY - I cried. It sooo hit home for me, but even my friend who comes from a "good, loving home" was reaching for the tissues. It is executive produced by Oprah & Tyler Perry (say what?) and was a Sundance film that earned a gang of awards and was described in one review "perversely gloomy." Fuck yeh. I. cannot. wait. to see it, and I am already prepared for the complete and total emotional breakdown I am going to have after I see it. We all need goals right! Man, between this movie and The Road - I am looking forward to drinking very heavily those few months.

Get your tissues. Check it: Precious.

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