Who doesn't love a circus!

Lately I have been thinking to myself "We really need to get to the circus more." I used to go to Ringling Bros as a kid. But nowadays I have concerns about the treatment of the animals, my husband is afraid of clowns, and there are like a lot of kids and it's probably looked down upon to go to the circus just to drink.

Luckily for me there is a new circus in town. Cirque Berzerk! So we grabbed a coupla good friends, hydrated and made our way downtown. The CB peeps describe their show as:

"From stilt walkers to aerialists to punk rock clowns to pro riggers, we work together as a cohesive unit to produce visions of sexy fiery burlesque, dramatic flight and vaudevillian tomfoolery. Cirque Berzerk works with both contemporary music as well as it’s own originally produced score. "

My 10 word review: I liked it. Recommend for sure. Could use more edge.

One of the men in our group provided this 2 word review: needs boobs.
(the other man in our group agreed)

It was lots of fun! I highly encourage making a trip downtown, having a tasty dinner and 7 or 8 beers before the show, getting there a little early to enjoy the "pre-party" and more drinks (I can't encourage beer, they only had Red Stripe and Miller Lite). And planning to stay a little late for the after-party where the performers come out to party.

If you are going to the show here are three important reminders:

- your feet will get dirty. Wear super fancy or open toe shows with caution.

- if you try to clap your hands while holding a vodka tonic it WILL spill down the front of your shirt, even if you pay $2 more for Belvedere.

- bring cash so that you can get your "Safety Third" shirt.

Life lesson learned from the show:
You do not have to be insanely or grotesquely thin to be a performer - but you do probably need to do a lot of yoga and stretching.

Pics and reviews:


LA Weekly



Flikr pics

Oh, AND they have partnered with the Chrysalis group to provide jobs for the homeless. Come on now. That's awesome.

UPDATE: The husband would like you to know that he is not "afraid" of clowns. He just hates them because they are "evil" - noted.


awildermode said...

will you be wearing the shirt tomorrow?

me said...

OH! I actually didn't buy the shirt, someone else in our group did - and they have lots of cute ones at the stand and on the Etsy site